Should I go to another RE? I am pissed and confused.
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Angie - March 25

Hi, guys! We have done our 1st IUI this month and 2ww right now. But we are not skeptical because of our RE. First of all, I had an endometriosis and had the laparoscopy done in January. But now I already have back pain that I used to feel before the surgery. It means that my RE did not get rid of all the endoes. Second of all, our RE does not want to put me on any fertility drugs in conjunction with IUI. Although I ovulate on my own, my dh has low sperm count. Don't fertility drugs give us abetter chance? But our RE told us that IVF is the best way to deal with endometriosis and low sperm count...... We believe that we still have a chance to conceive by IUI not IVF. I feel like he is trying to make us feel like IVF is the only way to go. Also our RE does not give us enough information unless I ask him. When my dh had his s/a done, he gave us only volume, count, and motility. Isn't he supposed to give us full analysis though? We paid for full analysis. When he checked my follicle before ovulation this month, he did not tell me the size of a dominant follicle or thickness of my endometrial lining. Isn't he supposed to share that kind of information with his patients? Lastly, I am very very frustrated with how IUI was done. Y'all know how important the timing is especially when you have unmedicated IUI. This is what happened. Even though I told a nurse that my past 6 month periods are 30-day cycle, she told me to start taking OPKs from CD11. Yes, it is a waste. She also told me to take OPKs in the morning. Isn't it supposed to be taken at least 4 hours after you get up? Anyway, I did not have postive OPKs even on CD15 and they made us come into the clinic to get my follicle checked. Our RE told us to keep using OPKs and come in again in two days even if it still comes out negative. So on CD 17, it was still negative but we came in the clinic.... then he just did IUI. I know that he is experienced but how can he do IUI without u/s or positive OPK? Our RE was supposed to go on a trip on the day so he had to leave. It seems like he did our IUI just because he had to leave at night. Anyway, my OPKs turned postive right after I went back home. But you know that OPKs tell you only that you will be ovulating within the next 24 to 36 hours. Therefore, probably my dh's will be dead by then. Our RE insists that the washed sperm will be alive for 48 hours. I really doubt it. Anyway, I just feel like we are not in charge of our infertility treatment but at the same time, I don't know how much I can trust our RE. Should we just let our RE do what he knows best? So these are the reasons why we are talking about going to another RE. What do you think? I'd really appreciate if you leave some of your opinions. Thanks for reading and I apologize for grammatical errors. English is my second language.


Lynn - March 25

Angie, only you and dh can decide if going to an other RE is right for you. I have had 3 IUI's...2 w/ clomid and 2 w/ injections. I will explain some of my history and hope it helps. When my dh had s/a, we were only told everything looked great. I was not given specifics and have not asked seeing they should know what "great" looks like. As for me, I do not ovulate on my own and do not ovulate each cycle. I have PCOS and this is presenting an issue. I am followed closely and told each time what size my follicles are (I have asked if not told). After all my questions, your follies need to be at least an 18 or bigger for releasing. I give myself a HcG trigger shot to bring on ovulation. 36 hours after is when you typically O. Sperm can live for up to 72 hours. My RE also suggests 2 days of BDing after the IUI beginning with the day after. This will insure nothing is missed. Now...I got pregnant on injection IUI but it ended in an ectopic. If you do not feel you cna trust your RE, I suggest changing. If you do not have issues with Oing and such, I do not believe you will get drugs. If you are getting follie checks and they are responding without drugs, you will not get them just because you are doing an IUI. Is this making sense? I wish you luck.


Alanna - March 25

Hi Lynn you said that you have pcos -do you get your menstrual cycle everymonth on your own without drugs?


Lynn - March 25

Not usually and if I do, it takes as long as 52+ days.


Lynn - March 25

read my post again adn Angie I only had 1 IUI w/ injections not two. sorry for that.


Ann - March 25

Angie, I can tell you from personal experience that most drs don't give you a lot of information without your asking for it. I like to hear the statistics/numbers, so I always ask. I am surprised they didn't tell you the follicle size, though. The person doing ultrasounds is usually pretty good about that. That being said, the fact that your RE did an iui without a positive opk (or without triggering you, which I assume he didn't since you didn't mention it) is irresponsible, in my opinion. My RE says the method they use to wash the sperm allows it to live 36 hours. However, I have read on the net that it may be as low as 12 hours. With the endo, he may have thought he got it all but didn't or the endo may have returned. I also disagree with his decision to not put you on any fertility meds, especially given your endo and dh's counts. Your chances would be better if you have more than one follie. If I were you, I would make an appt for a consultation with another RE and see how it goes. Ask lots of questions so you can see if you agree with his/her methods. Good luch on ttc, and your English is great!


Tracy - March 26

I simply think that you should see someone else. Check to see who is reputable and go talk with them. Tell them this story, so they know how you would like to be treated. I am seeing a new doctor soon, because I just had a gut feeling that mine wasn't doing his best. I gave him about 4 months, and still felt uncomfortable with the amount of info I received, etc... Good luck! Oh, and your English is better than you think. Spelling is too! Keep us posted on your progress.


Mega - March 26

Hi Angie, I agree with the other posters. I think you should follow your intuition on this one. If you feel your RE is doing his best for you, he probably isn't. Confidence in your RE goes a long way. Good luck. And I think your English is excellent!


Angie - March 27

Thank y'all so much. Now I read your response, and I think I am going to at least set an appontment with another RE for an initial counseling, and see what that RE can offer us. I guess what made me confused is that I usually do not go to doctors for anything. I was raised that way. When I was a teenager, my mom never even let me take aspirin for terrible menstrual pain. And now I am going to RE...I feel honestly intimidated and, you know, I think doctors know what we, patients do not know .from their experience. So y'all sharing your experience at RE with me is very very valuable for me to go through infertility treatment. Thank you so much. By the way, my ultrasound on CD15 was done by my RE himself, and so was IUI. Thanks and GOod luck to y'all.


JenG - March 30

I agree with the ladies...if you are asking the question, then you just gave the anwser... seek a second opinion. I would, if you are skeptical, get a copy of your records and get a consultation with another RE. They can then advise you if your are on the right track or if there is anything else they would do. You can make a choice then to make a move or not. You are out a couple hundred for the consultation, but then you know you are getting the service you need. On the flip side, I also agree with the ladies... it isn't going to get easier either. You always have to stay on top of them, and I feel I am always wondering if I am on the right track. I know my RE is great... but it is hard to put chance and trust in a set of doctors. Good luck!



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