should I go to a gyno or fertility doctor?
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mrsfroggey - March 3

Me and hubbie have been together 5 yrs we have had two miscarriages. We are trying to concieve and no luck n 3 yrs. Plus my cycles run any where from 28-150 days I just ended a 121 day cycle. I was wondering to find out what is wrong with me and o concieve should I go to gno first? Can they tell me why such long periods and why not pregnant? Or do you have to go to a fertility clinic to find out? Can someone please tell me the difference?


michelle - March 3

to be honest don't know the difference, i got reffereed to gyno from my gp and they are really helping me, its been a long road but i think we are finally getting somewhere.. fingers crossed!
they would do different tests to see if ovulating and to test your husband's sperm etc..
i don't think we have a fertility clinic near me, mine is through nhs and i have to go to another town to see dr davis.


Jen - March 3

Mrs. Froggey - I had similar irregular cycles. I went to my ob/gyn and they were able to diagnose me fairly quickly. For me I had Stein Leventhal Disorder, which is similar to PCOS, but doesn't have the long term health impacts. I wish you the best of luck.


mrsfroggey - March 4

thank you so much for the inf I also have no fertility clinics near me and would have to travel over an hour to get to one, that plus $200 for just the intial consultation was not looking to good.


Estee P - March 4

Look, I'm no doctor, but I think with such long cycles you cannot be ovulating. No ovulation = no chances to get pregnant. I think you should see your obstetrician/gynaecologist as soon as you can. Don't waste time! You need to be put on ovulation "enforcing" treatment as soon as possible. Ovulation is the key to getting pregnant. Don't worry about this, there are many treatments that you could be put on, but don't keep sitting at home thinking it will pan out automatically, it won't, you need a very thorough examination and perhaps even a laparoscopy and perhaps medication soon. Good luck sweetie!


Renee - March 4

I would go to the gyno first also. I was having problems with the odd lengths of my period (some really short, some really long), and the doctor was able to run tests to see what was wrong, and determined that I am probably not ovulating. Because it is an "irregular bleeding" issue, my insurance has covered things so far. (They will not cover infertility treatments).


mrsfroggey - March 11

Thank you for all you advise I will be going to the doctor within a few months, I am waiting for insurance to get started. Thank you again.


mythili - March 11

I went to a Gyno first and then after diagnosing me he sent me to the fertility centre next door. It is a lot of money. I've spent $700 on my first cycle with them.


kim - March 11

There is an over the counter herbal pill you can buy to help regulate your cycles. I didn't have a period for 2 years and took it for 3 months, and finally had a period. It also helped me feel more emotionally stable. It is called New Phase. It has plant estrogens and progestrogens in it which help reggulate your hormones. Black Cohosh is a chinese remedy used to aid fertility also, New Phase has this in it. I never was to keen on the herbal remedy thing, but after trying to conceive for 3 1/2 years I conceived my now 21 month old son 4 months after taking this.


Tia B. - March 12

Had the same thing almost (with the cycle anyway) Was FINALLY diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin resistance. Are yu overweight at all? Particularly in the tummy area? Thininng hair, anything like that? Any family history of Diabetes? HIgh cholesterol? (Can you tell I just went through a training session with my endocrinologist? :) ) Seriosuly though, good on you for going to the Dr. BUT, BE firm with your symptoms. Don't do like me and sit there scared about what they might say if I told the what was really happening.



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