Should I be worried
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Jenny - July 21

Ok guys..this is gonna sound crazy to some of you - but i was with my boyfriend for about two years - we used the pull out method and neva got pregnant.. we slipped up a couple times but neva got pregnant.. then we break up and he gets someone else pregnant with a condom ( so he says)..should i be worried that something is wrong with me ? We neva tried to get pregnant but im just curious


kefy - July 22

girl thast the same as me been with him 4 3 yrs did what u guys did but neva gt preg and when we broke up he gt someone preg too nw im married to him and its been 3 mnths im trying but gt no luck, he too says i shld worry about that.


For Jenny and Kefy - July 22

Hi Girls... I would not worry about that something is wrong with you until you have gotten checked. I used the pull out method for years and never got pregnant. I married the man i used the pull out method with and in 2 months after we got married i got pregnant with out him pulling out. Only to have a miscarriage at 2 and 1/2 month. However now we have been trying for the past 4 months after my misacarriage and nothing. So which leaves me hanging wondering whats going on. Pregnancy is not an exact science. You should make sure that you are charting your ovulation. You should make sure that he has his sperm checked and you should make sure your OBGYN has done proper tests on your before you start worrying. Trust me, i know its frustrating but just relax and have a good time trying.
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