Should i be concerned??
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Desperate - May 24

Me and my husband are trying to get pregnant but no luck so far. he's only been home not even a month yet and i've ovulated already. anywayz, I've noticed a little cramp on my right ovary i think, and when i have sex, i feel it more. should i be concerned?


Milissa - May 24

I'm not sure maybe you should get it checked out...could be of a concern.


Stacy - May 24

It might be a cyst. While I was having infertility treatments I had a pain on my right side. When my husband & I had sex he hit it and it hurt so bad. I just about threw him across the room. But my doctor looked on the ultrasound and it was a cyst. It went away by itself. But you may want to have it checked out if you still feel it for a while.


desperate - May 24

If it is a cyst, could this be a reason why i'm not pregnant yet? I mean i have a daughter and I had a miscarriage but that was two years ago, so could i still get pregnant even though it might be a cyst?


Stacy - May 24

I think you could still get pregnant. As far as I understand women can get cysts every month? Most of them go away by themselves. Sometimes you feel them sometimes you don't. But, I also had a friend that didn't have it checked out and she ended up having to have the cyst removed because it got so big. They took her tube along with it. But not more than a month later and with only one tube she was pregnant. She had her second son on May 15th.


Desperate - May 25

Okay then, I'm getting it checked out Tues. Thanks for the info!!


soniye - May 25

if i am not producing any eggs through out my cycle does that mean i cant there anything that can be done to help me release and produce my eggs?



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