Shorten Cycle Length
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Stacey - June 1

Does anyone have any ideas on how to shorten your cycle length. I am going to the dr. tomorrow and want to ask about this. I had gotten pregnant in Dec, but was recently off the pill so my cycles were still 30 days. I m/c in Jan and since then my cycle have been around 40 days(or longer). It takes me almost an entire month just to ovulate (usually around cd 30)....It's frustrating...THANKS :)


Cutie - June 2

Stacey, I used to have cycles that are 30-35 days, but after I started taking Ovulex it went to 25-26 days and I used to be very irregular and now its just perfect. Lots of Love, Cutie


Stacey - June 2

thanks so much for answering...I just came back form my obgyn, he's testing for PCOS- if pos. he'll put me on clomid, but if neg. I'll def. ask him about this. What dr. prescribed it to you- obgyn? fertility specialist? Is that what it's primarily for to regulate cycles?


Cutie - June 2

Stacey, you dont need prescription to use it... If you are interested please go to : and you can come to the thread named: "OVULEX can fix infertility........." Its not on the 1st page anymore and you can read a lot about people using it. First I was afraid to order it and thought that its just a spam, but when I got it, I noticed BIG changes and its helping me. Some people are against it, but its ONLY herbs and NO chemicals whatsover. I do have insurance and do have a doctor but my insurance is being a pain in the rear (sorry) and it doesnt want to cover anything, my doctor doesnt want to do any tests.... I can not afford paying thousands of dollars.....I got to pay up to 20,000 thousand dollars for hospital bills, 'cause I had pain..and went to ER ..well guess what? they didnt even do any tests while I begged them to figure out whats going on because I could bare the pain, it was just too much. The doctor came in and said that its just the way my periods go and just to deal with it....while I had lemon size clots -in the hospital.....So I have no choice, I just cant see those doctors who wont even do for insurance and not getting anything covered, ANYWAYS, its just a bed experience. I hope I get preggo soon and DONT EVER have to go to the HOSPITAL or to see some of those DUMB doctors....... there are probably good doctors too, but I had such a bed experience..................:(
I wish you lots of BABY DUST sweety.


stacey - June 2

thanks, I did look up the strand and the web site- am very interested in it- want to see what my dr. says when I talk to him next week. Hey, I spent the monry for the Clear Blue Monitor and couldn't use it b/c of long cycles- might as well try this :)


Cutie - June 2

Stacey, I wish you so MUCH LUCK, LOTS OF BLESSINGS and TONS of BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know how frustrating it is to TTC every month and yet get a BFN.... May God send you a baby soon, very soon sweety....


stacey - June 3

thank you, you are sooo sweet!!! I wish all the same to you :)



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