Short, semi-irregular periods
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pepe - January 31

I have been having short (3-4 days) (every 27-28 days). They are irregular somewhat (in the fact I dunno if I ovulated or not). Been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. My LMP was the 10 of January. I BD w/ my sweetie on the 14th of January. I feel like I might be pregnant in the fact that... I get dizzy at weird times (especially at work). I have gooey cm (sorry tmi). I have to go pee every 30 minutes (for the past week). I am more tired, have a fuller feeling in my stomache (tummy seems rounded out a tad). My breasts are feeling fuller; maybe went up a cup-size, they are a bit more sensitve. I took a hpt and got a bfn. Testing too early? Any advice from anyone?


pepe - January 31

I forgot to add weird food adversions (Italian and I normally love it). And I am more hungry (even when I am full).


pepe - February 1



SashaP - February 1

I have a similar cycle but mine is only (2-3 days)(every 26-28) my Dr says you can test at 14 days after conception. HPT aren't always accurate either. Call your Dr or try another test.



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