Short Luteal Phase - please help
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Janice08 - August 17

I have one son who is about to turn 12 and have been TTC # 2 for a long time now. The thing is that I have been monitoring my ovulation with opk's the last few months (with a possible blighted ovum inbetween) and have now seen quite clearly that I seem to ovulate quite late in the month around day 20 and I am then commencing my period around day 28! I know that a short luteal phase is classed as usually anything under 10 days so I guess that is what I have. How do i rectify this? My doctor isn't much help - she has no kids, isn't married and wonders why women like me keep trying year after year to have another child. I've read that progesterone might fix this. Can anyone help? Many thanks if you can.


thayward7 - August 17

Yes, progesterone can help this, but you really need the kind precribed by a doctor - I think. I have read that the creams you get at the drugstores/on-line have inconsistent amounts of progesterone in them. Is this doctor your GP? RE? OB/GYN? You are right about short luteal phase - it doesn't give the egg enough time to implant. Hope it works out for you.
- T


MelissaV - August 18

If you have been trying that long and are not getting support from your doctor I suggest finding a new one soon. Then with your new doctor (OBGYN, I'm assuming) tell him/her about your short luteal phase. They should have your progesterone tested on day 21 (or 7 days after you ovulate) If it is low, that is most likely the cause of your short LP. My doctor & I found that my lp was short too, and I take a prescription pill form of progesterone called Prometrium on days 16-28 to regulate my cycle. I would also look into seeing a fertility specialist too. Hope that helps.


Janice08 - August 19

Many thanks for your replies. I was at my gp yesterday and she has ordered a 21 day progesterone test and suggested the test be repeated the next week just to get the true story of what is going on. If it shows I have a short luteal phase, then I will go to my ob/gyn to hopefully rectify the matter.

Good luck to you in your own quests!



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