Short luteal phase?
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kamivy - March 4

Hi girls. we've been ttc no. 2 for few months now, I have PCOS and a nearly complete bicornuate uterus. I am not on any medication at present. I have started charting my cycle and noticed last month that my lp was only 7 days long! Anyone else have a short luteal phase and is it possible to get pregnant with only a 7 day lp, or should i see my dr about it? My cycles range from 30 to 45 days, though this month fertility friend is predicting a 21 day cycle, I never know where I'm at! help!


wantanotheraftertr - March 5

kam I would consult your dr. My last lp was 8 days they put me on clomid 100mg I took it for 1 month and boom I am now due Nov 10th implantation happen around 6-10dpo if your lp is that short if you happen to fertalize an egg the uterus would start sheading before implantaion. Please call your dr. Babydust!


tk07 - March 5

hi, i would suggest seeing yor Dr too, and bring your charts with you! i had a lp that was 6 days one month and usually it was about 10-11 days but i also wouldn't ovulate until late like cd26 so they put me on clomid. it took 3 months of it but it worked! it also did extend my lp, it went up to about 15 days. i don't think you can get pregnant if it is only 7 days because that isn't enough time for the egg to implant properly. but ask your Dr and see what they say. good luck!


trixiebee - March 5

I too deal with this. I ovulate around d19, and get AF on d28, on the nose.
My doctor told me I was being silly (she's fired) and I took things into my own hands. I take b6 the whole cycle, and take progesterone cream from the time I ovulate to my period. (or 10weeks gestation, whichever comes first) Last month I o'd on d17, and got my period, with NO NO NO spoting prior, on d29. wahoo. So no baby yet, but A step in the right direction until I get into my new doc.
ps - that same idiot told me they don't believe in LD, and never treat it with clomid anyways. lol!


kamivy - March 6

Thanks for the replies everybody, I am going to give it another month or two of charting, just in case that was an off month. If it keeps happening I will definitely check in with my ob.


slowpoke01 - March 7

you may also want to talk to your doc about the hcg trigger shot. i have talked to a few women on here that are taking clomid and they get an hcg trigger shot to force ovulation and then they get another one about a week later to lengthen the luteal phase. they call the 2nd one the hcg booster. it may be worth a try. good luck.



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