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sherrita - September 30

hi, my cycle didn't come on this month and i'm not the type of person to keep up with that kind of stuff but being pregnant been on my mind for a good minute and i had unprotected sex with my partner but i'm not getting any symptoms people say you suppose to have when your pregnant we tried to concieve aug 13, so i should be at least 8 weeks pregnant but my body is not going through any phases that suppose to happen at 8n weeks........ please help me ease my mind cause i'm starting to go crazy cause i'm so confused


isa - September 30

if you were 8 weeks pregnant you should have signs by now. Take an hpt and if it is negative go to your doctor as he can prescribe something to bring af on. It is not good not to have regular af (especially if you are trying to get pg now or in the future). Stress can keep it from coming but to be 8 weeks late is not normal. Go get checked out.



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