Sharp Pain in Right Side
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hapistuff - December 24

I was due to get my af today. Instead I am having old blood spotting and a really bad pain in my right side. I have had this pain for the past 5 days. Last night the pains woke me up and today they are much worse. My temps were on the rise until the past two days and they are down. I am worried this could be an Ectopic pregnancy. I have a call into my Dr’s office and am just waiting for them to call me back. Has anyone else had this type of pain? If so what did it result in?


hapistuff - December 24

Hey - I spoke with my Dr.’s office. The think I am just having a longer cycle and this may be a new symptom of af due to the fertility drugs I am using. I will see them on Tuesday. Everyone have a Merry Christmas.


fatboy - December 26

Hapistuff, let us know how it turned out. The only time i've had that pain was when I had an ovarian cyst rupture. Could that be a possiblity?


hapistuff - December 28

Fatboy– I went into see my FF Dr. yesterday. They said it most likely is the clomid and hcg shot. Since being on them my estrogen levels are higher then they had been and my lining is a lot thicker, therefore I am having more menstrual cramping/pain due to the lining coming off at AF time. Thank you for checking on my situation. How is your ttc going?



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