sexual position???
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Shay - June 23

Has anyone in this forum ever gotten pregnant while being on top during sex? I ovulated around 6/14 or 6/15, and had sex on 6/11, 6/12 & 6/14. If I ovulated on the 14th, but had sex in the woman on top position, did I ruin my chance of conceiving??? This is my 9th month of TTC and I could just kick myself thinking that I ruined everything. Any response would be sincerely appreciated. Lots of baby dust to EVERYONE!!!!


May - June 23

Sure you did. You should always do missionary or rear entry as this aides sperms in swimming. Woman on top is for casual when baby-making is not ment as all the sperms fall down again. There is still next month all the same.Good Luck and Baby Dust .


Shay - June 23

thanks for the wasn't intentional (on my part anyway) to end in the woman on top position, was just something that happened. maybe i'm taking the tone of "sure you did" wrong, but it's not exactly easy for someone who's trying so long to hear such harsh sounding words. but, i do appreciate your answer.


albertagirl - June 23

you may have decreased your chances but remember it only takes one little swimmer to get there. WOT is not recommended, or any gravity position for that matter, but I am pretty sure there are millions of women out there that can verify they still got pregnant this way. Last time I checked gravity was not a recommended form of birth control.


Drew - June 23

Hey Shay, its all right! Was it woman on top for each time or just once? If it was only once, I wouldn't worry, they still got in there. (at least it was fun and not all about baby making :} ) Its true, it does just take one! Good luck and try to relax!!


H - June 23

Shay, don't listen to May! She doesn’t know what she's talking about. Enjoy every position every angle and every moment, because when that baby does arrive (and it will) you and your spouse won't have much time for fun sex any longer. As long as you keep your spirits up and don't turn baby making into a chore, then you are already doing the best thing for yourself. If you don’t conceive this month, there’s always next month. Just please keep your spirits high. To many of us get discouraged and depressed and that will defiantly minimize your chances for conceiving. Baby dust to us all!!


my2cents - June 23

I agree with H. You don't want TCC to be a chore. When your baby is conceived, let the moment be a special one. MAKE-LOVE to your husband and enjoy the moments that you share together. To be able to say that your baby was conceived during a time of passion and love, how sweet is that? smile. I wish you the best and I pray that your time will come soon.


Binx - June 24

I don't think you ruined your chances. First of all, you don't know exactly when you ovulated. Second of all, sperm live for up to five days inside you. If you had sex on the 11th, 12th, and 14th and you ovulated on the 14th, those sperm from the 11th and 12th would still be there waiting for that egg! (did you follow that?) WOT is not the best position but it is still sex and I'm sure some of those sperm made it up there. Baby dust to you...I hope this is your month :)


SmileSweet - June 24

Shay, I understand what you are saying. My husband and I have been trying for 4 months and the best position for us is WOT. My doctor told me that as long as I lay down and not get out of bed for about 20 mins I should be good. She even said it just takes one swimmer. Hang in there. I know I am. Good Luck!


Shay - June 24

thanks to everyone for your kind and positive answers. I'm hopeful. I am so grateful to have a place to come for moral support from people in the situation that I am in. Good luck to everyone!


kc - June 25

The main thing is that you have fun. When ttc the bd becomes more work than play. Meaning its stressfull, its timed, your more tuned in to hitting the right days, the correct position, ect instead of just relaxing and having fun. Don't worry. You didn't ruin your chances. There were guys already in there from the days before.


Stacie - June 30

Any luck Shay? My husband and I have been ttc for 3 years. This is my week to try again, with the assistance of Clomid and a Hcg injection. My husband and I also finished with the WOT position on 2 attempts. If you are crafty, you can actually lie back and avoid spillage... The main thing is to enjoy each other and not get caught up in the "trying to make a baby" mode. (easier said than done, I know) IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO GET PREGNANT WITH THE WOT. I have researched ttc for a long time, and in fact, WOT is recommended if you are interested in trying out the gender selection methods- for a girl. At this point I am sure we all are just trying for a baby-regardless of the gender. But do not think that just because you were on top, you've ruined your chances. For those of us who have been trying for so long, we do tend to grasp at all the techniques recommended-but conception happens when it happens, regardless of what sexual position is used. (for precaution, I did lie in bed elevated for a little while...: )



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