Sex Selection Dilemma
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Reem - October 24

Hi everybody! I am not quite sure which forum does this question belong to and i am hoping to get some of your ideas about it. What do you think of sex/gender selection of your baby? I know that most fertility centers around the world do not normally offer this option, however, there are some that do. I would like to know what do people think about this, as it doesn't seem to have been discussed much yet. Suppose you are going for an IVF/ICSI treatment, why not carry out one extra genetic testing on your embryos if all available info so far says there is no harm to the embryo related with this testing; Why not do it? (the reason being purely family balancing, not for example to avoid gender-related disease). Thanks in advance for all the inputs.


disagree - October 24

Personally I dont agree with it but thats just my thoughts. I would be happy with any healthy child regardless of sex. I prefer a girl but if I got a boy I'd be happy and perhaps adopt a girl if I felt that strongly about it. I dont want to circumvent what is natural in gender selection, but i'm not sure why i feel this way.


only my opinion - October 25

My inital reaction is don't mess with nature, but I understand the dilemma you are in, especially if you want a girl and a boy to "balance" your family. If you have a few embryos that you are going to implant in yourself, there is no guarantee that they will both take, thereby messing up your family plan. I just want you to educated yourself with what you are doing and be ok with whatever happens. You can plan all you want, but in the end, it is up to nature. Neither may take, or both may take. This has always been a hot topic of discussion with religious folks and about playing god. I can see both points. Ultimately it will be your decision and you will have to be ok with it no matter what happens. Just educated yourself and know the boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not. Good luck!


You know... - October 25

No offense, but most of us on this forum would be happy with a healthy baby no matter what the gender is. Most of the women here have been trying for a long time and the last thing on our minds is gender selection. Good luck.


Collette - October 28

Get a life, you moron, women on this forum want a baby BOY or GIRL it doesnt matter



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