Sex only During O - not Before
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Renee - July 29

Anyone know if you wait until O time to have sex (meaning hubby has been holding the sperm in for at least 2 weeks), if this is a bad thing!? Does the sperm get old ? It's hard enough to have sex so much during O time that we need that 2 week break prior!!!???


D. - July 29

You should have DH get rid of reserves about three days before you expect to DTD. I wouldn't wait until the day you O since our eggs only live about 24 hours and if you O during the night and don't get together again until the next night, you may have missed your opportunity. My DH and I don't like to have so much sex so often either. So, knowing that I will ovulate pretty much on CD14, we start the every other day thing on CD11. That way, we aren't worn out, it's not work, and we still have our bases covered. Does that make any sense? But if it were the situation you are talking about, I would have him either take care of business three days before I expect to DTD or start DTD earlier, say CD9.


Renee - July 29

Thanks. Great Answer. I don't have him get rid of the reserves, but start having sex 2-3 days before Ovulation, I'm guessing by the 2nd or 3rd time there is some good sperm? Right? Your answer was right on. Thanks.


Sue - July 30

Renee, my doctor ordered a sperm analasys for my husband and he had to have 3 days worth, no more and no less. She said 3 days will give you the most healthy sperm before it starts to dye.


Lena - July 30

Cleaning the pipes, as its often termed, doesn't need to happen after a 3 wk hiatus from bd. Unless your partner has been ill or has a low %, the build up is minimal.


D. - July 31

That's the trick. Are you sure there isn't a problem with him? Most of us don't. Either they dont' bother testing them or the men refuse to be tested. ---
--- Here's some info to read.


donna - August 1

renee, i just got back from the fertility clinic. Today is day 10 and they said get hubby to get rid of sperm build up either sex or manual so that we will have fresh sperm for trying to conceive.(they will tell me when) He is to hold out until my follicle is 1.8 (it's only 1.4 today so no chance of conceiving yet) and then we are to bd every other day for 3 times (6 days). So get rid of the bad spermies, and then build up for about 3-4 days and then have sex every other night as the clinic told me they need 24 hours to replenish properly. This apparently is where most peopel ttc go wrong i've been told.


Renee - August 1

Donna - thanks so much - that's good information!!



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