Sex after HSG - how soon is ok?
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Lin - October 14

I just had my HSG today (all clear), and I'm wondering how soon we should wait before having sex. I'm still bleeding a bit. I figured we'd wait a couple more days, but is there any reason we should wait longer than that? Obviously I don't want to risk infection, but the doctor didn't say anything about abstaining at all.


allbelly120206 - October 14

My fertility dr told me to wait 12 to 24 hrs, then gave me the go ahead. Its a really good fertile time after you have one done!!!!! Good Luck!


kaitlin - October 17

We conceived my ds 2 days after, so I'd say go for it after 24 hours - it's a great time to try! Good luck!


Lin - October 17

Thanks, ladies. We had sex the next day, but it caused me to bleed like a period for 2 days after. Fortunately that's stopped now, and O day should be tomorrow.



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