Sex after HSG
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KellyN - July 25

Hello! I was just wondering if the dr told anyone else not to have sex for 5 days after HSG? My dr. told me that today, but he also put me on clomid. Since the next 5 days are cd 11-16, I would be missing my best chance for pregnancy this month. Anyone else??? -kelly


ali - July 25

I was told today dont have sex for 1 to 1 1/2 days but im not on clomid


KellyN - July 25

Thanks ali! That sounds much more reasonable. The dr. says it is to keep infection out, but 5 days sounds a bit long to me.


kmd - July 25

It's been 5 days since my HSG--doctor didn't tell me not to have sex--he did have me on an antibodic to help eliminate infection--although we had sex last night and I've been cramping on and off today--don't know if it's from HSG or what



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