Serious, but a little graphic question...Please Help!
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S - June 24

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant with our first. I have never worried about this until now, but I am wondering if something is normal. After we have sex, I always have a lot of his cum (semen) come out of me. Obviously I don't know if it's all or most or how much. Is this normal? I didn't know who to ask...Thank you ladies!


kc - June 24

It is normal for semen to be expelled. Only a small amount makes it into the uterus most is contained in the vaginal cavity (what is expelled). It is recommened to lay on your back with a pillow under your butt for at least 20 minutes afterward to be ensured the sperm that made it to the uterus stays there and starts making their way to your tubes. I hope this helps


d - June 24

happens all the time to me. Nothing like having to run to the bathroom as soon as you sit up..


Deb - June 24

This is totally normal, but you might want to consider a position that keeps it in a little better--for example, woman on top is NOT a good choice. Also, try not to move after having sex. My husband and I have a little routine. After we have sex (in missionary) he pulls out and I raise my legs over my head. He then jumps up and gets two pillows and shoves them under my butt and then one under my knees for support. I wait like that for about 30 minutes before I get up. I haven't had a lot of "leakage" since we've been doing that. I hope this helps! Good luck!


Shannon - June 24

This is normal. Not alot comes out. I thought the same thing when my hubby and I were trying. I find that if my hubby is on top or behind... more stays in. lol! Good luck to you!



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