Semen (thick or thin)
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Kay - January 15

Hi, is there really any difference if the semen is thick or thin. I know I had boyfriends with thicker but my husband's semen is really thin. We have been trying to conceive for a few months now with no luck. I know I am fertile and ovulating regularly. Any suggestions? Greatly appreciated.


dea - January 16

Has DH had a seman analysis (SA) done?? My DH's seman is an issue- I never would have thought so, but several tests later confirmed it. I don't know if thick/thin makes a difference but volume absolutely does....Good luck!


Kay - January 16

Hmmmm.... Doctor won't do any tests until a year or more. I know I am ovulating, my periods are 26 days always. It is so frustrating.


dea - January 17

KAY: how long have you been trying?? My advice- if you are close to a year (say--- 8 or 9 months) tell them it has been a year. Because it takes time to schedule everything and the months will slip by faster than you know it! (A bit dishonest, yes, but very productive in getting to the end result...)



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