Semen test, with high white blood cell count??
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eb - January 5

My dh and i have been ttc for 17 month, I had lap surgery in sept for blocked tubes and endo was on femera for 4 cycles and had dh sperm tested. It came back low with 3 million and 10 % mobility with high white blood cell count. He's had prostate trouble in the past and they said it was probably from this and for him to see a urologist . Anyone experience this, what else can they do besides antibioltics?


eb - January 5

Any imput ?? PLEASE


dea - January 6

Hi EB- I don't have too much to add. This is a tough one. If DH is on meds I know that can effect the counts. ALso- if he had the flu or a cold or was on any antibiotics when they did the SA it would show up as odd too. I'm interested in this situation too- please keep us posted on what the dr. says. Good Luck!


eb - January 6

Well, He had prostate trouble about 2 years ago, but he was taking antibiotics for strep throat when he took the test. I'll let you know



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