Semen Collection at HOME or at CLINIC?
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AngieG - April 13

I have a question, ladies. When my dh has to provide his semen for analysis or IUI, he told me that he gets very nervous at my RE clinic. So far, he has 3 occasions to do this, and the results were not good. My dh told me that he can relax more at home and probably provide better spermies. If your dh has done semen collection both at home and clinic, were there any differences or improvement on his semen analysis or result? Please share your experience with me. Thanks.


Ann1 - April 13

My dh has done the collections at home for his SA and all of my iuis except one. The sample he gave at the clinic was one of his best. However, the one at the clinic was for my most recent iui, which was my 7th. My dh was very uncomfortable at first, but from all the problems we are having, he has gotten more used to giving the sample "on demand." If your dh wants to do it at home, it is fine. The sample has to sit for (I think) an hour before it is tested anyway.


isa - April 14

Dh has done 1 sample at home and about 7 at the clinic for original test and iui's and there really was no difference. We do them in the clinic as we live over an hours drive in the morning traffic and cannot get it to the clinic in time if we get caught in traffic (something I am not willing to do if I have put all my effort and time and money into my meds and iui) so we just go together the day of my iuis and it's done there. Sometimes there is some noise you can hear and it does make it harder for him but eventually it all works out.


AngieG - April 14

Thanks, Ann1 and isa. So I gues it is not going to change the result. We actually live 1,5 hrs away from our current RE so my dh has to do it at clinic anyway. I hopw it will work out for us. Thank you.



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