Semen Analysis Questions?
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Armywife - August 20

Hello. Today we got the test results back of my husbands semen analysis. We decided to test because I got pregnant the first time at 2 months, then M/C at around 8wks. Then we decided to try again, now its been 5 months and we have not concieved. The doc. recommended we test just for the sake of testing to rule that out and today we got the test results in the mail. Everything seems to be normal except the progression which came back as 2.50. Apparently it is on a scale of 0-4 with 0 being no motion and 4 being high velocity, and a straight line progression. The way i see it, he is right in the middle which on the chart says he is at sperm moving with a slow meandering forward motion. Does anyone know if this is a huge problem or if this is a normal average thing? Also his volume was suppose to be at 1.5 and came back at 1.40ml. That is from a 24 hours ejaculation span time. Does anyone know if these results are normal or of any websites that might explain this stuff more? Any help would be wonderful and good luck to everyone. We all deserve the best...


hawaiigirl - August 20

I am curious about this as well... anyone with any advice?


Cee Bee - August 20

I thought I may be able to help, but just checked my dh's recent results and the measurements are in different forms to yours so I can't compare....sorry


hawaiigirl - August 21

Do you mind if i ask what form they are in? Is there anyone else that can help us?


merlee - August 21

Normal volume is 1.5 - 5 ml after 3 days abtainance. So 1.4ml after 24 hrs should not be a problem. It just means that you should be BD'ing every other day instead of every day at fertility peak. The progression looks good. Here are some other "norms" : Count - 20 -100 million; Motility > 60% or >8 million; Morphology >60%; pH 7.1-8.0 hope this helps.


hey army wife try this: - August 22

check out the normals on this website i just found...
it helps. also go onto the website and in the search button put in sperm analysis and it gives you a bunch to read. I checked that out after someone mentioned it in another thread. then i started googling the words i was finding ie: rapid progression etc and getting more sites. hope i've helped some. i dont understand any of my dh's results very well either and am trying to learn


Lena - August 22

A progession of 2.5 isn't ideal, but its not "infertile". Also, the 1.4 mL isn't too bad either. Longer foreplay can increase this amount.


Armywife - August 22

Hello. thanks for all the great advice. I did speak with my fertility specialist today and she said that the results were not bad at all. She said the 1.4 is not bad but it was considered low because it was not based upon the full time of abstaining from ejaculation. Also she said that the progression of 2.5 is not bad but not wonderful either. she said that she would like it to be at 3 but she will take 2.5. She also said that the morphology is what they are most concerned about. My husband has 15% and she said that is considered good. She said anything under 9% is where they get concerned. She also mentioned that 61% motility is good and that 56.00X10 to the 6th power for total sperm count means 56 million. She said that is considered good as well. She said that the most things that they are concerned about is the morphology and motility. It was a good report but now i am more concerned that the issue here is me. I cant help but be semi depressed that i am the one with the problem, however my husband is so good about it and said no matter what the problem is we will do what ever we need to do in order to have a beautiful baby. Thanks for all the advice and please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


ali - August 23

Does anyone know what these numbers mean, mine are slightly different than what you guys are saying. I copied them off the sheet at the fertility clinic:
microscopic motility details:
rapid progressive 25
sluggish progressive motility 6%
non progressive 9
immotile 60
round cells 5m/ml
(his motility is 31% progressive and his count is 74 million)


Lena - August 23

Ali, I do this for a living, have been for 20 yrs, and I even find your results confusing. I've never seen rapid and sluggish motility separated like that. The standard is to include the overall motility and the progressive motility. THe progressive motility would be a smaller number. Its really not important to know the difference between the grade levels. Just the top value and the bottom value of motility. And its the progessive motiltiy that we are most concerned. However 31% motility and 74 million count is good. (Didn't we talk about this last week?) Overall he has 23 million motile and 18million progressively motile available for conception, which is an adequate number. If it doesn't happen for naturally, you could definitely benefit from IUI.


ali to Lena - August 23

Lena thanx for helping. I'm going to have to ask the doc what that other stuff is. It was not me you talked to last week I just got this infoon the weekend when i went in for one of my tests. It's so confusing but i'm glad to know an iui might work. What are the odds of a natural conception is it worth trying for or should we go right to an iui. Since you deal with this for a living I'm interested in what you have to say as opposed to a clinic that might not be as honest or tell me really like it is. Thanx again :)


Lena - August 23

Ali, the reason I thought we talked about this last week is someone posted the same exact results. No one has a crystal ball and can tell for sure when or how someone will become pregnant. There are so many variables and even with all the research, no one knows why its harder for one couple to concieve from another. I'm not Dr so not qualified to diagnose or prescribe treatment, but I can tell you that most Drs would tell you to try naturally, as there is a change is will happen, and then look into IUI if no success after 6-12 months. Your dh results seem like they are ideal for IUI, I would be surprised if you ended up needing IVF.


ali - August 24

lena thank you so much for your insight it makes me feel a little better. its interesting looking now at all the postings on sperm stuff that i dont feel now like im the only one going thru this. thanx once again



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