Semen analysis: low volume?
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CJ - July 26

We just got the results from my husband's semen analysis and they said it was a low volume? They want him to come back and do the test again. I know basically what this means but does anyone know if it will affect our ability to conceive? We have been ttc for about 11 months but my doc doesn't think I'm ovulating So after no success with Prometrium she started me on Clomid (I'm on cd 6, day 4 of the clomid). This is my first round of Clomid. Also have HSG test tomorrow. Any info on the semen analysis is appreciated.


D. - July 28

if your doc doesnt think you are ovulating shouldnt he be running tests? I am doing tests this cycle to make sure i am ovulating, that there are sufficient eggs, that they are ok etc etc. Still waiting on hubbies tests to come back.Instead of guessing with drugs why is he just "think" your not ovulating. Test and find out for sure.


CJ - July 28

D- My doc is doing tests on me also. I have had bloodwork done and had an HSG yesterday. Everything with HSG was good: tubes were both clear so I'm hoping this might be the month! I also have to go in on CD 21 to see if I ovulated on the Clomid. What are the tests your doing to see if you're ovluating?


Justine - July 29

We were told by our fertility doctor that the volume didn't matter very much for your ability to concieve, its the count, motility and morphology that matter. The best thing is to discuss it with your doctor though.


CJ - July 29

Thanks Justine. That's good to hear. I have to go in on CD 21 to see if I ovulated on the Clomid so I will talk to her about it then.



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