seeking advice from others on metformin
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KeiraYvette - February 15

Hi I have PCOS and have been on metformin for about 4months... I went without AF for 8 months then after about 3 months on metformin I got my first AF. I was wondering if ppl who got the AF back due to Metformin if there cycles stayed regular after that... counting 28 days I am due today for AF but no signs.. and too scare to test if Im pregnant incase its negative and its just the PCOS again stopping my AF.. .would love to hear your stories


julieb - February 16

hey keira, I've had pcos for amost 5yrs now and it can really screw things up. I'm on the metformin now 1500mg/day and its not a nice pill as im sure you know, they say the metformin does take a little bit, but ive noticed that even if I only exercise 1-2x's per week i usually get af every month. now whether you're ovulating is another question, there's a really good website for pcos its and it has alot of very informative & encouraging info on it. are you ttc right now? also, the metformin doesn't necesarily put you on a 28day cycle, it just helps to get you regular w/af.


linds99 - February 16

Hi, I have another perspective on metformin. I have PCOS and I am thin and 30. I ALWAYS got a period, but it was every 33-35 days (not every 28 days). I also don't have insulin resistance either. All my blood levels are normal, including the LH hormone (which is sometimes high in PCOSers). However, the only symptom of PCOS I have is pearl necklace appearance on the ovaries and oily skin (and longer cycle than normal). I will say this, since I got regular periods every month (with confirmed ovulation by ultrasound), I tried metformin, starting in October and still taking it now, never got preggers on my own though. However, my ultrasound had revealed after a month of being on it, that I wasn't producing as many eggs each month as I did in the past. So I thing that is how it helps with egg quality, meaning fewer eggs get luteinized and nurtured every month, instead of 50 of them at the same time. So I think metformin's beauty may be that it generates better egg quality.


filledwithfaith - February 16

Hi there, I too am on metformin 1500 mg/daily. I just found out I have PCOS in December and what a brutal month getting used to the med. Anyways, I am no longer feeling all the negative side effects from it and am taking clomid (after a series of operations etc to rule out other possible problems). The funny thing is that as a teen (I am now 31) and even my first couple of periods, even before I ever considered being sexually active, were very abnormal and sporadic and b/c of that I was on the bcp for 12 years. I spent a year ttc on my own with no knowledge of the PCOS other than I did not have AF for that year. It is nice to now have some answers, although it comes with it's own stressors and concerns. I am afraid of the higher rate of miscairrage with PCOS, especially with insillin resistance (which I have as well).
Has anyone learned anything about takign metformin while preganant, risk/benifits?


linds99 - February 16

Metformin is a B-class drug, which means it is safe to use in pregnancy. Although there have been no exclusive studies on pregnant women who used metformin, there also have not been any researched proof that it causes fetal abnormalities, and they say taking the drug outways the slight risks (if any) of it causing fetal problems. They usually tell you to take metformin until the baby has a heartbeat, but if you are insulin resistant, you would likely be taking it all through the pregnancy to prevent gestational diabetes...which CAN cause fetal abnormalities.


julieb - February 16

I was also put on bcp early on starting in middle school and on through high school just to get a regular af, stopped them a while before ttc though, I've heard some ppl say that they keep taking them during the first trimester to lower the risk of miscarriage but others say that they stopped taking them as soon as they found out they were +. I definitely agree faith that pcos causes alot of stress especially when ttc, but im trying to stay positive w/the attitude that I CAN & WILL have a baby of my own!


KeiraYvette - February 17

julieb I am ttc at the moment. Im also on 1500mg/d and have also lost some weight from metformin where it was impossible for me to before. I do exercise at least 3 times a week, and live a healthy lifestyle. Ive been using an ovulation tester which stated I was so we were BD in hope... The problem is that I have no idea how long my cycle is, im assuming its due at the moment but cant be positive... I have got some PMS symptoms like sore BBs and bad lower back pain but no sign of AF. But guessing from what linds99 say, even though I might O they may possible be a problem with the egg quality that Im not aware of.. the Gyno has told me that she believes metformin is working for me due to finally getting AF and the weight loss and has just said to stay on it for 6-8 months and try... then to come back if nil luck.. julieb how long are your cycles?


KeiraYvette - February 17

julieb thanks for that link too



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