Secondary Infertility, any luck?
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jazmin1124 - March 22

I'm 30, and i have a 13 year old boy. Right after giving birth i got the Norplant. Five years after it was removed. Well i have never been able to get pregnant again. I haven't used any birth control since then. My Dr. says that i'm not ovulating. I have been on Clomid for about 3 cycles and nothing. I'm so worry i will never be able to conceive again. I mean, what do you guys think? Any success stories? I've been thinking about every possible that may messed me up through out the years, like drinking, smoking pot. But i have friends who party like crazy and have multiple children. I just don't understand. I really would love some advise. Thanks.


Apalonia - March 22

Hi Jazmin,
Have you heard of PCOS? Is that what the doctor says you have? Sounds like it. there are some discussion groups with PCOS in the titles. You should check them out.


tanner789 - March 22

dont worry girl i do know sometimes it is harder to get pregnant the second time around. im not ovulating either and tried clomid for 3 monthes and it didnt do a thing, i have moved onto injectables and they are working great just waiting for a bfp, but they are definately making me ovulate-just try and stay healthy now and get soem help from ur dr


DeeD - March 22

I have secondary infertility. So deos my friend. I do not ovulate but can with clomid. I temp and we bd every night for two weeks straight. It seemed to work this time. I am almost 7 weeks now.



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