Scarring of the tubes but not Blocked??
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Monica - June 5

Were your tubes ever kinked with your ovaries??? If so any success with that? I had Lap and hysteroscopy and RE said I have a chance. Any good news ladies? *Fearing is my hardest part of Infertility*


Dorris - June 6

Hi my name is Dorris and yes I had scarring but so far it looks as if I can continue to try i am so upset about it but i have hope no baby yet though good luck


Kasey - June 7

So can scarring stop you from having a baby? what if you get it removed?


Melissa - June 7

Hey Monica..when your tubes are scarred I think you can try and get it fixed BUT if the scarring is very bad, you would have to get IVF. I read that there is tis new thing that the Dr. cuts the fallopian tube where it is scarred and puts in a plastic tube in place of it. I don't know your financial situation but that procedure is probaly 50,000 or something like that.....all this stuff is expensive!!!!! Hope this helped


Monica - June 8

Well so far the germans charge 1300 euros for IVF here in Heidelberg. I've gotten a referral due to not wanting to see Military doctors. The said that my tubes were kinked with my ovary. Not to bad but it was a good surgery removing them and I should try within 6-12 months. Oh well I am hoping this is it. Been at this a very long long time. :) thanks for the info I may see into it. *+*+*+Babydust*+*+*+*


Hmmm - June 9

I wonder also Kasey but I think it can stop you unless you do further surgeries or something.


BusyBody - June 15

Is this a problem?


Faith - June 15

Yes it is a Huge problem. It stops the eggs from traveling to egg.



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