Scared to find out????
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Heather - April 24

I am 33. I have been TTC for a 1 yr. I have been off the pill for 1 1/2 yr. I am so regular I can't stand it. I know when I O. I get CM. I have been using Clear Blue Easy digital O kit. But nothing happens. I thought I would be one of those people who wouldn't have a problem. I thought I would get pg right away. I have had a tough time growing up with severe asthma and allergies which I grew out. I had melanoma at a young age. I am so sick of doctors and getting poked and probed. So this month the cramping shifted from the right to the left side. I thought maybe that was a good sign to get PG. I cramped for 2 weeks before AF (which I always do), I got AF unfortunetly with heavy cramping and clotting during AF(the usual), and still twinging and cramping after AF(which concerned me). I have decided to see my OB/GYN tomorrow. I am scared to know anything, but I hope this will answer a few questions on why I am not getting pg. Has anyone gone through this and been so regular?


Milissa - April 24

Just hang in there a year is not that long when ttc. Being stressed about not getting pregnant does not help either! good luck


Cutie - April 26

Hello Heather. I am sorry to hear that. I also want a baby, but I have to take BC to put my periods back on track, 'cause they got very irregular. I can not really help you because I come from people who are not regular, however I wanted to wish you luck sweety. I will pray for you!


Justine - April 26

Heather - I think you and your husband should go to the doctors for fertility tests. When I had testing in England plus waiting lists (private) it took a year during which time you can keep trying. Fertility treatment success is strongly linked to female age and starts declining quickly at 35. The treatment is horrible - I've just been through IVF/ICSI as my husband is infertile but it worked first time and now I'm 12 weeks pregnant. 85% of people get pregnant within a year, 95% in two. You could well get pregnant naturally still but I think you and your husband should start the tests. If I hadn't had tests I would never have had a baby however long we tried for - my fertility is excellent but my husband's is very bad.



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