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babybound - April 24

I am 37 and i am sure that i have jsut waited to long to have another baby, i have twin boys that i concived naturaly, and every year my husband i i said next year, next year, next year, well here we are 8 years later and ready only to find out that we have been trying for 3 years and NOTHING, i have seen a fertility dr and my levels are LOW, so she anted to start me on clomid 100 mg a night, i got scared of the side effects that i did not take them. Today i went for my ultasound they saw two VERY SMALL eggs so the dr says lets try injections, she is suggesting Ovidrel, has anyone taken this, what side effects have you had, is this drug the same as clomis and i going to have the same side effects does everone have side effects, ARE THE MOOD SWINGS bad??? I am really scared if anyone has any information please let meknow, i know the outcome is going to be well worth it, but i am still scared.


LIN - April 25

Ovidrel is not an alternative to Clomid. It's used in conjunction with it or in conjunction with other injectables that work similarly to (but more directly than) Clomid. Clomid causes your body to produce more mature eggs. Ovidrel is used as a "trigger" shot to release those eggs. If you don't use the Ovidrel, then no matter how many eggs the Clomid produces, you're likely to only release one of them. Ovidrel causes all of the mature ones to release, giving you extra targets for your husband's swimmers and hence increasing the odds that you'll get pregnant in any given cycle.


babybound - April 26

I am really confused now. The dr has taken me off the clomid because of the side effects and how sick it made me and is going to start me with ovidrel, i do not need help releasing my eggs (i dont think) i just had my ultasound done, and it showed 2 very small eggs that more then likely would not get fertilized. My husband was tested he is off the charts (figures) there is no way i am going to be able to take the lomid, it layed me up in bed with such terrible headaches and mood swings. Do you have any idea if the ovidrel has the same side effects, i am going to talk to the DR about what you told me, i go a gain 5/4. I AM REALLY SCARED about these drugs


Tink - April 26

ovidrel is a one time trigger shot. you take it to 'trigger' ovulation. i had no physical side effects from it really. but it will make you have pregnancy like symptoms, so your boobs may get sore etc. what is hard with taking ovidrel is you won't be able to know if the 'symptoms' you are feeling are really pregnancy or just side effects. the drug mimics pregnancy symptoms. so that was hard. plus you have to wait for it to leave your system before you test, or you can get a false positive. Ovidrel is a different drug than clomid, they both do two completely different things- it isn't an either/ most cases, it is a use both. i used both for 2 IUIs. i took the clomid days 5-9, went in for monitoring on my eggs/follicles size, then once at least one follicle is 18mm big, they will have you take the trigger ovidrel shot at home. 36 hours later, you will release the eggs (from the ovidrel) and at that time, i went back in and we did the IUI- inserted my husband's sperm into the cervix. that way, the sperm was there right when i was ovulating- the ovidrel is about timing the ovulation, or triggering the actual ovulation act itself. the clomid is to help you produce follicles (later is released as an egg), and hopefully more than one. most women only produce one per month. clomid will help you produce more than one or for those that don't ovulate on their own, it will help you produce at least one. on clomid, i produced up to 7 follicles, but only 3 contained eggs (sometimes they can be empty or contain just fluid). so i did have a chance of having triplets. i got all BFNs though. side effects of clomid for me were headaches, hot flashes and irratibility. but to achieve my goal of having a baby, any side effect is worth it. you just have to think of the goal at the end.


Tink - April 26

if you are still confused, talk to your doctor. the ovidrel is a ONE TIME shot. to release eggs only. it does nothing else. it won't help you produce more eggs. the ovidrel just gave me pregnancy side effects, mainly sore boobs. the side effects didn't last long, a week or 5 days max. it leaves your system in 7-10 days. you take the ovidrel mid cycle, once the eggs look mature and it will release them. if clomid isn't working for you- ask your doctor about injectables. injectables are different from ovidrel. injectables are like clomid, but in shot form. they are stronger and can produce more mature eggs, however they are very expensive drugs. $600 per cycle probably. you inject yourself at home for 5-9 nights, depending on how you progress, then again use hte ovidrel trigger to release the eggs as the last step. follistim is an injectable you could ask about. don't be scared about these drugs. i have been on them for a full year, clomid for 6 months and i am still here. the side effects are different for everyone. the side effects of the injectables- follistim were easy for me. just some bloating. nothing else.


babybound - April 26

Tink – Thank you so much for all your input, o have a few more questions for you. The Dr says she wants to put me on “ovidrel Prefilled Syringe 250 mcg.” But now that I am being told this is a trigger, I am sure this is not what I need, I just went to have the ultra sound and there were two very small eggs on the left side but they more then likely would not get fertilized, so before I left, she told me that we would go to injections. so you took an injectable form of clomid, and the only side effects you had were bloating, that would be okay with me, as long as I don’t get the headaches and mood swings. I know the outcome is so WORTH it, but I tell you I am so scared OF EVERYTHING that I worry ABOUT EVERYTHING, so I start reading everything I can and it just makes my paranoia get worse. I swear I am not crazy, I had gastric by pass surgery 5 years ago and even though I lost 191lbs, I ended up with migraines and other little things, so I really over do it when I have to try something new. Just tell me about your mood swings, I am scared I may hurt someone, When I get PMS, I get ANGRY, and do a lot of yelling. Does it take you out of your right mind (don’t laugh) I have just heard some terrible things about the mood swings, and I just want to make sure that you always in your right mind, and you remember the things going on and not that you do crazy things, and have no idea what’s going on. The reason for this question is that I got rushed to the hospital with a migraine and they gave me a mixture of medicine that messed with my head so bad that it took me 5 days to be myself again, it made me unable to sleep, get comfortable, stand up for a long time it was the most awful thing I had been through so I am really careful with new things, I hope you understand and I hope I am not bothering you…..


babybound - April 27



Tink - April 27

the ovidrel prefilled syringe is the trigger- that is one in the same. it just means the liquid medicine is already in a syringe measured out for you- all you have to do is inject it. you can't know for sure that those two follicles/eggs you have won't fertilize, so the doc may have you take the trigger shot to release those eggs and at least try it this month. for future months- the doc may give you a shot like follistim which you take for up to 10 days straight at home, followed by the ovidrel trigger on the last night. then you will be told on what days to have sex, or they will do an IUI. the side effects are totally different for everyone, so i can't promise you that you won't get headaches or bloating or mood swings. i can only tell you that the shots weren't as bad as the clomid for me. but it might be different for someone else. i found bloating to be the biggest problem. you can also ask your doctor to prescribe you an antidepressant if you think you are going to have this much anxiety about it. a friend of mine was given one to take while on clomid and she said it helped a lot to even her out. she said the clomid made her feel like she was so jittery and on speed. so that is an option too- don't be afraid to share your fears with your doc, they might be able to help. if you went through gastric bypass, then you should have no problem doing these drugs......gastric bypass is so much harder (i have a friend that did it and know all the vitamins and stuff you are on for the rest of your life. these drugs should be a breeze to you after all that. don't stress about it, you are only putting undue and unneeded stress on things you can't control. just have an open mind, keep the goal of a sweet baby in your arms top of mind and go with it. it is not near as scary as you think. and this is coming from someone that just went through the end all be all of fertility treatments- in vitro. if i made it through, you can too


babybound - April 28

I am going to talk to my Dr about everything, i go next friday so I will post when I get back. I met a woman yesterday that was on the clomid for 3 months and she told me the same you did and to REALX I am only makin git worse all the way around. You did make me feel better, i justt ry to stay off all the sites that are out there becasue i drive myself crazy reading everyting on the internet. Gastric bypass to me was hard for 8 weeks, but a piece of cake after that, i have lost 191lbs, so I am ready to put baby weight on! Thank you for all the advice and I will talk to you again next week after I go to the Dr. 5/4 @ 3pm, till thenj i figure we just keep pratcing. The Clear blue easy fertility monitor says i have been at peak estorgen for 6 days now.....


Tink - April 28

good luck babybound, it isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be as hard as you think. just take a breath, count on your family and friends and spouse/partner for support and talk openly to your doctor. express your fears and overcome them. having a child will be no easier, pregnancy has NOT been a breeze for me, in fact it has been pretty miserable, which was disappointing to me after suffering through infertility. but i am not going to let it get me down. in the big picture, it is a short span of time in your life and the end result is you can have a family you dreamed of, just keep your eye on the prize and good luck!!! you can do it!


LIN - April 29

It sounds to me like your doctor is planning to put you on an injectables regimen, like Follistim or Gonal-F. They are used in place of Clomid to promote follicle grown, and while Clomid works indirectly by causing your body to produce extra FSH, the injectables actually *are* FSH and work more directly. When you take these, your doctor will monitor you regularly with ultrasounds to make sure your follicles are growing properly and adjust your daily dose accordingly. The Ovidrel would then be used for the trigger when the follicles are big enough. Follistim is what worked for me on my second cycle of it after 3 cycles on Clomid. You'll have to wait until your next cycle to start the injectables, since like Clomid they have to be started at the beginning of your cycle. Good luck to you!


babybound - May 8

HI ....i went to the dr and wouldn't you know that i go tto hte dr the day after my period i have to wait another month...UGH !!!! okay enough of me crying, i am starting follistim, and will be monitored very closely, i am still a little worried about side effects, but everyone i have talked to says that it is nothing compared to the clomid. So wish me luck and i will keep everyone posted, thank you so much for answering my post



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