scared...should I test now?
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Katie - December 30

I've been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms lately. Me and hubby have just started TTC (it's been about 3 months but it seems eternal). I always thought it was easy getting protection=a baby...boy was I wrong. My last period was Nov. 30. I have one EPT test at home but I'm scared to use it. I really want to have a baby and hubby does too. I want a BFP. Today is DEC. 29 (technically Dec 30) should I test? I'm at work right now, I work night shift and I wont get home 'till about 7:00am. I'm so scared that I'll get a negative. We both want one so bad. I read that the EPT test is very confusing and not too reliable. What should I do? Should I wait a couple days? What if it's negative? I'm scared. I thought it'd be easy, is there something wrong with me? = (


anna - December 30

Sometimes testing too early could give you a fals negative result i would definently wait a day or two after your period was due to test just to make sure. Doing it too early and getting the negative result can bring you down and depressed when you really may be pregnant.. Goodluck, which you all the best


Anna - December 30

Thank You. I'm going to wait a couple days. I hope I get a positive.


Katie - December 30

Is it normal? I mean, does it take this long to TTC?


Kelly - December 30

Katie, the average healthy couple with no fertility issues can take on average anywhere from 6 months to 1 year to get pregnant. I have been trying for 6 months with no luck and this is with charting and opk as well.


frankschick2001 - January 5

Katie, I know what you mean. We just started trying again after a miscarriage. I always thought like you, unprotected sex = baby. It is a miracle that we've endured as a species! It seems so difficult!



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