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armywife - April 27

Hello... I recently had a miscarriage at 9wks. It was the hardest thing i ever had to deal with. my husband and i were both devastated. Now my doc put me on clomid. Today is the first day i am taking it. It is day 5 of my cycle and i will take it for 5 days. I am very nervous. I think it is a lot of anxiety of having another miscarriage. Any Advice would be great!!!!!!!!!


kelly w - April 27

hello i know what youve been through i also misscarried at 9 weeks and it was hard at the time but you have to be possetive it will happen anixety can prevent you from concieving so relax and enjoy the practice of making your baby and dont have sex just because your fertile it can stress both of you out so just think possetive good luck x


hayley 7 - April 27

hello i am on my second cyle of clomid i no how u feel.I was going though the same thing but anxiety make u worst. you need to think possetive and try not to think of having another miscarraige always think possetive and good things will happen i wish u the best of luck



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