saliva - injurious to fertility???
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pj - February 22

HI. can saliva be used as lubricant for Bd. I read somewhere, it can kill sperm


Ann - February 22

Yes, it can interfere with ttc. The saliva is bad for the sperm motility. When a sperm sample is given for iui, the dr says not to use any lubricants.


Kathy - February 22

I heard a product called preseed is the only good lubricant. I just ordered it. Hope it works. Goodluck


JessicaG. - February 23

I used PreSeed for the first time this month I am on CD 23 and go to the doctor in two days to see if I am pregnant, I have some other symptoms but I do not know yet, I think it is good I know a few that it has worked for.****BABY DUST****


pj - February 23

Thnx for answering. I was not sure whether the question was in poor taste. But had to know as DH swears by saliva. But now I am on clomid, and I dont want to mess up anything.
And good luck to Jessica G



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