Saline Ultrasound Help I'm Scared
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Lisa - August 2

Hi I have to go for a saline ultra sound next Tues. 8/9/05 has anyone ever had one of these and are they painful I am really nervous and just want to know what to expect Thanks!!!


Lisa - August 2



rmaddox - August 3

I have had one about a 6 weeks ago and it was not painful. My ob-gyn numb my cervix but the only reason she did that was because my cervix opening was really small and if she did not numb it it would have possibly hurt. But it is nothing to it they just take a syringe and put the saline into your uterus to see if the can see any problems such as cyst or fibroids. Don't be scare. You will be fine.


Lisa - August 3

Thanks :-)


Joanie - August 8

I'm supposed to have one done on August 23. Let me know how it goes. Best of luck to you. :-)


Lisa - August 8

Joanie, I will let you know I go tomorrow at 10:00 A.M. Chicago time I will let you know how it goes Thanks!!!


Lisa - August 9

Hi I had my test today it was not bad if you get cramps before or during af that is what it felt like just not really painful just pressure and cramps and the test only took like 5 mins. Good Luck!!!


Joanie - August 9

Hi Lisa! I'm glad it went well. The doctor's office told me it would take an hour! Hope they were wrong. :-)


Mona - August 12

I just had this done today. It was not painful, just a bit uncomfortable. I did experience cramping afterwards. They started out mild but became stonger after about another five minutes. I took some Advil aftwards and I was fine. The procedure only took about 5 minutes. Just be sure to wear a panty shield, had a lot of saline come out after the procedure.

I have a low thresh hold for pain, this was not bad at all. You will be fine. :-)


Joanie - August 17

Hi Mona, thanks for your message. I'm glad to hear that your procedure went well too. Now I'm not too anxious about mine. It's getting close-next Tuesday. :-)


Mrs.Reasons - December 30

I just had this done today! And I have to say that I did have pain! It was bad pain but only last a minute! felt almost like labor pains! and I was sprayed with this numbing stuff didnt help!
good luck!



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