sad arrived...anyone else want to join!!
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medas04 - February 15

af came today...another sad month...there's always next month right..anyone with any advice on when is the best time to try with an irregular af...she came late again....had real hopes


sam - February 16

medas I'm so sorry about af coming today, mine did too. I took a hpt and misread an evap line to be positive then within an hour here comes af. Last month my cycle was 38 days this month was 35. I never imagined it could be this hard to get pregnant. I've been taking vitex and my cycles have got shorter just not short enough. Do you chart? I have been thinking that might help me find out when I ovulate. I thought for sure this was the month....maybe next month.


cmelissa - February 16

Hey guys,
I had AF come too, so depressing! My periods are so irregular too, ever since I went off the pill. I was on clomid last month and IUI and my period didn't come till day 41 - its so frustrating and I totally understand what you are goign through! I hope this will be a good year for all of us!


medas04 - February 17

yeah i am tying fertility hopefully something new this month will help.....keep on trying girls ...don't lose faith and good luck with lots of babydust..right..that's what i tell myself!!!


sam - February 18

Hi ladies! I hope you two are feeling a little better I am now focusing on this brand new month! cmellisa that is excaltly what happened to me. I will never ever ever take bcp again. Any way I might sound goofy but I read somewhere that if you put a red ribbon under your mattress you will get pregnant ! And yes I am desperate enough to do it ! So here is lots of babydust coming our way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wannabeamom - February 18

Hi Medas04. I was taking Fertility Blend for 4 months before I went to a doctor for help. It didn't seem to help me. Come to find out I wasn't ovulating all the time. I am still ttc w/the help of Clomid. Goodluck, I hope it works for you.



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