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irish10035 - December 21

hey everyone new to site here is my story. my name is maureen. DH and I have been ttc for about a year now. we have been married for about six months. i waited the 1 year to walk into the doctors office to say i think we have a problem. i have charted, ihave checked cm, i have used opk's. for the first time i am really sad and think it will never happen. i was on clomid for the first time this month only took it for 3 days side effects were terrible. I am looking for someone esle in my boat. i got handed comid and told to come back in 3 months. i feel alone. right now i am 1 dpo anyone want to wait together and support each other.


medi12 - December 21

first off -- was that a Family Prac dr or a OB/GYN ? did your Dr talk to you about anything ? like semen analysis, LH surge & progesterone testing, follicle stimulations, endometriosis testing or anything of that sort?


irish10035 - December 21

obgyn/ nursing midwife she told me she didnt want make me feel like i had a problem and that i should try this first before going to an RE. she has been my obgyn for 4 years and i trust her am i wrong should i have insisted on a refferal to an RE. In her defense, she did say that the promblem may be stress which could be possible as i do shift work with very long hours 12-14 a day and so does DH. She told me not to get stressed out and to take the clomid as i told her all negative OPK's. I dont know what to think I am 28 and DH is 36.


medi12 - December 21

ok, have you tried different types of OPKs? Here is my suggestion: go to an RE. I am reading a lot of stories and situations on here where people try and try and their doctors arent prepared to truly assist. My family prac said dont bother coming back till we have tried for another year. ( mind you- we had already been trying for 5 months) I took the matter into my own hands a few months later. At this point, I am now 8 months TTC. My first appt with my OB/GYN who also specializes in fertility - is not waiting for anything to get started. Hubbie went for semen analysis, I went for a pelvic exam, and the dr gave me an entire regimine of testing that we would perform. Based on symptoms~ I am now going for laparoscopy and this whole process has only taken a week. so-- the point of my story is that you have options.


Melissa - December 21

Yes! Don't wait around. When I couldn't get in with my normal obgyn for my normal pap, when I also wanted to talk to her about infertility. I ended up having to see a Nurse Practicioner & she just tole me to relax & chart my temps. Well, 5 months later I finally got in with my OBGYN, she saw some abnormal things going on with my charting & ordered me to have an HSG the next day. 2 weeks later, I had a LAP, was diagnosed with endometriosis/endosalpingiosis & am currently being treated for it. I wish I hadn't waited as long as I did.


Anna - December 21

Sweetie, have you had an HSG or DH had a semen analysis done? Those are two things that you should have done before starting Clomid. If your fallopian tubes are blocked, then you would be wasting time taking Clomid and dealing with unpleasant s/e. If your DH has a low semen count or something else, then you probably don't even need the Clomid. You should definately do a lot of research. Your ob/gyn shouldn't just asume that it may be stress and hand you any fertility medications before doing further testing.


irish10035 - December 21

can i just go to an RE without a refferal. Isn't it just terrible when you just feel like you got brushed off. question medi do different types of opk's make a difference. i have used answer with the 20 sticks. i dont know if next month when i return if i should be firmer.


medi12 - December 21

Agreed with Melissa and Anna.


medi12 - December 21

sweetheart -- demand your referral . they cannot refuse it. if you arent confortable doing that ~ call around to the ob/gyns in your insurance network and see if any of them are fertility specialists, and switch to that office.

answer to your other question --- I bought the opks online ... MUCH cheaper. if you wnat my email addy: [email protected] I can give you the website that i got them from. they are the ones that show either one line ( not ovulating) or two ( you are) . I also suggest starting the sticks 2-3 days before you think you ovulate, so you can use them as reference.


medi12 - December 21

hello -- i need to read first.... are you HMO or PPO? HMO- you need a referral. PPO - no you dont.


irish10035 - December 21

medi12 thank you so much. i will call my doctor tommorow an ask for an appointment. ill be back in touch soon. you are very helpful, im new to this and i appreciate it. my sister took 2 years to have my wonderful nephew, and she never told anyone she was having problems. hey btw merry christmas. maybe ill have a suprise at the end of the month. again thank you


dea - December 21

Hi IRISH: I absolutely agree with being agressive and being your own advocate. It seems premature to hand you clomid if your dr. doesn't even know if that's the problem!! Or, maybe there isn't a problem!! I would suggest DH do a SA and you go get an HSG done. Lots of info just from those two things. And- my ob/gyn arranged everything for me. So- yours may be able to help. But--- be agressive/firm/polite. It's your body. If DH and I waited we would still not know anything. Best of luck to you...


irish10035 - December 21




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