RSD and sex
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Beth - July 11

Hey! I was wondering if anyone out there has experience with RSD. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy. My husband has struggled with this for the past two years. In short, it is a nervous system disorder, where if you have an injury (or otherwise) it gets worse, and you are in pain all the time. My husband has had to use viagra, and is in so much pain that we can hardly ever have sex, let alone try to have a baby. Has anyone out there had experience with this? Or even if it's not RSD, has anyone had problems in this area from some other kind of pain? I was wondering where I could find information on alternate positions, or other things that may relieve him of pain, or just keep it from getting worse. I'm sorry if this is tmi, but even his penis hurts sometimes, making everything hard to do. It's very frustrating! Any help would be appreciated.


beth - July 12



beth - July 12




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