Royal Jelly
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Jen - March 23

Has anyone heard of "royal jelly"? My sister-in-law just told me she had 2 friends going through infertility treatments. They used this vitamin supplement and within a month or two were pregnant. I am a little skeptical, but would love to hear from anyone who knows about it or has tried it. Thanks!


Cutie - March 24

I havent heard of this, and I searched the net and nothing came up. Well, maybe I didnt search good enough.... Does anyone know about it?


sm - March 26

Found a link: but I woud check /read more first as it has cause alergic reactions in some few people with astma I think.


Jen - March 28

Thank you for your efforts. It seems a little odd to me, but my sister-in-law is convinced. I think I will check with my doctor first to make sure it is healthy.


Stacy - May 24

I was wondering the same thing. I was just looking to see if anyone has heard of Royal Jelly. My mom found it in a news article. She said a doctor had some of her patients try it and it worked very well. I did a little research and it says it's good for the reproductive systems for men & women. I am also taking Metformin, however and just wanted to make sure it was okay to combine the two. My infertility nurse isn't really familiar with natural medicine. I'm going to try it for a while. I've got my husband trying it also. Let me know if you have heard anything else about it.


Drew - May 24

Royal Jelly is used mostly for an energy booster, though I have never heard of it for infertility. I used to work in a herbal supplement store, so I think that maybe this may be a newer use for it. That is probably why you cant find much about it on the internet. Some also say it is really good for the immune system, and maybe that is why it is good for infertility. Try going into a store that deals mainly with herbal supplements, and asking someone there. They usually are kept pretty up-to-date with these things.


Nena - May 25

I have necer received period on my own because of low hormones only when on pill. I used royal jelly with gingseng and I 've got period.



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