round 3 of clomid, anyone else?
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tk07 - December 21

Hello! i am starting my 3rd cycle of clomid today and was wondering if anyone else was about to or just did also. or anyone who had luck with there 3rd or 4th cycle on it! it is always good to hear happy endings!


iampg - December 21

definition of insanity: keep doing the same thing that doesn't work! hi, yes, i'm on my 3rd round. i changed to cd1-5 this time (5-9 didn't work) i think i ovulate earlier than i started bd. i want the best swimmers to be waiting for the egg not trying to catch up to it! this is cd4 for me. i've been taking one in am and one in pm (the hot flashes are less noticeable)


tk07 - December 22

hi! i am on cd3 so taking it days 3-7. so you are taking one day in the morning and the next day at night? i should try that, i get really bad hot flashes!
i know when i O and we bd when we are supposed to but it is just not happening yet. i hope i don't have to do more than 4 months though.


slowpoke01 - December 22

tk this is my 3rd cycle i go for iui tomorrow. are you bding before during and after ovulation? they say to bd a few days before and the day of and a few days after. i will be doing my 3rd iui tomorrow, so in a few weeks i will let you know the outcome. also i got pregnant on the 2nd iui but it was ectopic and i had to terminate and had to wait 3 months to try again. my doc says that alot of times the 3 iui works because you are more relaxed and you arent stressing as much. have you thought of doing iui? they have a pretty good success rate. the doc says that since it is all timed so well that it usually is very successful because the sperm arent tired from swimming because they are put right into the uterus so they dont have to swinm far. i also have follicle growth studies on day 5 and day 11 or 12 to see how big my follicles are and when they are 20mm or more then i get the hcg trigger shot and that will make you ovulate within like 36 hours and after 36 hours then i have the iui. good luck to both of you and i hope that this cycle works for you


lyric - December 22

HI ladies, well I am starting on my second round of clomid starting today cd5. I hope you don't mind me jumping in a round early? dh and I have been trying for 18 months. I have PCOS. i am taking 50mg cd5-9. lets hope this is our lucky month. i mean it is christmas-right :) IAMPG - i can not agree with you more & just had this conversation with a friend last night. it's insanity..


tk07 - December 22

Hi lyric, sure you can join in early!
i have been trying for about a year but i had a m/c in april. yes, i hope that santa brings us little miracles for christmas!!!
My dr has me doing opk so he said to bd the night of the positive and the next night for sure. so we do and i also temp chart and we bd when we are supposed to, i guess my body is just not ready yet.
i have not thought to do iui yet, my dr said he won't do anymore testing until 4 months of clomid doesn't work. but i hope it does! that gives me 2 more chances!


slowpoke01 - December 23

tk-i hope that all works out for you so that you dont have to go through any of the testing or anything. i had my iui today so now i am in the 2 week wait so we will see how things go good luck all


utopia8302 - December 23

hello everyone. I was hoping i could also jump in on this one? I am new to this thread. I will be starting my 3rd month of clomid next week. Month1:50mg cd3-7, month2: 100 mg cd3-7. I am supposed to get AF xmas morning. so far, i have not seen a +opk during the 2 months on clomid. if AF does decide to show up on xmas, i think i'll take clomid days 1-5 this month on my own. i hear a lot of successes cd 1-5. i have been taking preg tests the past few days, and they're all BFNs. so, i will wait and take the last one on xmas morn just to be sure. i cannot believe it hasn't worked yet! i hear of all these women getting pregnant the first month on clomid, and its really disappointing for me! dh and i have one beautiful daughter, which we conceived on the first try by ourselves! so needless to say, we didnt expect this to be going on for a year now! so thanks in advance for all the support that you women offer! it really is comforting! oh, and by the way, i am strictly on clomid, no us, no shots, no nothing.


tk07 - December 23

Hi utopia! i know what you mean, my neighbor got prenant her first month on clomid, i really didn't think it would take 3+ cycles, but i just hope i don't have to have a bunch more tests done.
good luck slowpoke!!!!! bfp is coming for you!!!!


slowpoke01 - December 24

hey girls. thanks for the positive thoughts.UTOPIA-we all totally understand how it is thinking that it wont take long only to realize that it has already been a year or two or three. we wish you the best of luck. have you thought about injectibles? or maybe femara i have heard that alot of women have better success on femara than clomid. it is like clomid only with less side effectsit may be worth looking into. TK- i sure hope that i have a bfp coming my way. i will know around the 5th or 6th i think if i will have a +. good luck to all of you.


utopia8302 - December 26

hey girls-
BFP+++++++ on Christmas Morning! so clomid really does work!!!!!!!! hope you all have BFPs for the new year!


tk07 - December 26

congrats utopia!!!!!!!!!
that is so awesome.
that will hopefully be me next month!


tonyaandjoe - December 26

i am on my 3 try with clomid at 100mg cd5-9.


tk07 - December 27

Hi tonyaandjoe!
i am on 50mg days 3-7. i am only on cd 9 though. i am going for my u/s on friday so i am hoping i have some nice big/growing follicles there!
what cd are you on?


tonyaandjoe - December 29

tko7, good luck with your tests. i am on cd 8


slowpoke01 - December 29

congrats utopia. iam in the 2ww right n9ow so i will let you all know something around the 7th. good luck all


tk07 - December 29

so you are right behind me! yeah i hope i have some good follicles this month, last month i had one ok one, but my first month i had 2 great ones, so i am hoping this is a great month! do you get u/s too?
good luck slowpoke!!!!!!!!!



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