Robutussin----what are the others brands and does it work
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maddie - June 22

Can anyone tell me others brands they may be using with just the guarifission (sorry for sp...) ingredient.. I saw that Mucinex has just that but not sure if that is what is used? Thanks for any info on the subject.


Binx - June 22

I'm not sure about specific brands, but Robitussin is a syrup for "chest congestion". Often there is a no name brand that is like the Robitussin. I live in Canada, so I'm not sure what you have there. I did research Mucinex and it has 600 mg of guaifenesin. The Robitussin I got was 100 mg. I read to take two teaspoons 3X day (200mg) so if you take Mucinex, I would think 1 tablet a day? I'm trying to find more info on it but I'm definitely going to try it this month. The tablet may be more convenient, but I don't know if it makes a difference taking it several times a day. I haven't found any research on taking a pill of it.


maddie - June 23

thanks for the info...I wonder if it would be too much??? The only reason I don't want to do Robutussin is that I'm afraid it will make me sleepy? I'm also going to try and find more answers and will post if I find anything


Deb - June 23

I don't think it is supposed to make you sleepy. I am going to start taking it tomorrow...3 doses. I'll let you know if it makes me sleepy tomorrow.


kim - June 23

I'm confused, what is it supposed to do?


kc - June 23

Maddie - There is an off brand in wal mart. You can take mucinex however it is very expensive and robitussin does the same thing.

kim - Robitussin can help with thining cervical mucus making it easier for the sperm to get to their target. It does work. I have used for the past few months and have noticed a difference.


Drew - June 23

Will it increase cm if you are kinda dry? Sorry, not trying to be gross! :)


merlee - June 23

Drew, I'm "kinda dry" too and have starting taking Evening Primerose Oil in gel tables and Dong Quit for about only 4 days (I'm on cd 8) and it has made such a difference. Both are quite cheap at health store.


Deb - June 24

Maddie...took three doses today and I am not any more tired than normal. I don't think guaifenesin makes you sleepy. You can use any brand as long as guaifenesin is the only "active" ingredient. Don't get anything with DM beside the name. Hope this helps!


maddie - June 24

HEllo...just bought a brand for those who might be interested . It's called Humibid. I bought it at my pharmacy for very little $6... Plus it only contains the guarffisin (again sorry about sp). I'm going to start take it tomorrow. Each dose contains 300 mg so I'm only going to take it once a day. I 'm going to start tomorrow and see if it works. I have also tried Primrose oil but apparently sensitive to it....broke out in a horrible rash. Any other ideas would be appreciated. :)))


Deb - June 24

Maddie, start with one dose and if you feel it is affecting you, stay at that. If you feel fine, I would bump it up to two doses. The article I read said to take 600mg a day. I don't feel any different taking it so far, so hopefully you will be the same. Good luck with your cm!


kc - June 24

drew- yes it will. I was kind of dry and I did notice a significant difference. Drinking extra water along with robitussin helps also. Good Luck.



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