ROBITUSSIN, why and what kind?
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Mary - December 20

I've heard that Robitussin helps cm during o. Does anyone know what kind to buy? And who can use this (i.e. do you have to be on certain meds?) I don' t really know why it works either, but have heard about it. Thanks!


Mega - December 20

Hi. Buy the plain Robitussin with only Guaifenesin listed as the active ingredient. Do NOT use the DM kind as it has been associated with birth defects. Since it's a decongestent it loosens mucus, including CM. That's the theory & I've tried it, & it did help a bit. Some fertility drugs like Clomid can affect CM, dry it up & using Robitussin 5 days before up to the first day of Ovulation can help thin it out a bit. The suggested dose is 3 times a day. Good luck. HTH! Baby Dust.


Mary - December 20

Is Robitussin ok to take if you are not on meds like Clomid?


bump - December 20



medi12 - December 20

Robitussin is cough medicine and should be ok. I looked up Clomid online and the directions state that you need to provide all medications you take to the DR. My suggestion -- call the pharmacy and see if its ok to take alongside Clomid.


Tracy - December 21

My doc prescribed clomid and told me to take robitussin too. It is fine to take the robitussin even if you are not on any meds., but like the previous post mentioned, just plain guaifenisen.



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