Robitussin increase CM?!?! True?
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Cakoo4cocopuffs - May 25

Hey can someone out there tell me about the method of taking Robitussin to increase CM for pregnancy?! Has this worked for anyone, and how soon can it help? I am trying to conceive!! Thanks in advance everyone!!


KristRye - May 26

I take it off and on. Mostly when I am using Clomid though. It does help but you have to be sure to only take the kind that has (SPELLING ERROR) Guiafesien??? Or something like that. Good luck! :)


nha - May 26

Robitussin didn't work for me. You can try preseed helped me. I tried it for 2 months and in th 2nd month I found out I was pregnant!!!


SerineMali - May 26

hey NHA
what does PRESEED actually do? Is it just a lubricant or does it help with getting pregnant faster. I guess you think I sound stupid, I'm just trying to figure out... if you don't have trouble with creating it on your own do you still need it? Sometimes I think I need lubricant, but I didn't know if this was strictly to help with insertion.... oh gosh.. TOO MUCH INFO.. IM SORRY!!!


wannabeamom - May 26

Preseed is a lubricant that is sperm friendly. If you have ewcm then you don't need preseed. It is a little on the expensive side but it is worth it. Google preseed. They have many sites with the info about it. GL.


kelley32 - May 26

Well, I took Robitussin for 1 cycle and got pregnant, but I wouldn't say that it increased my CM.



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