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Blah - July 7

I heard that if you take robbitussin or somethinglike it an hour before you have sex it increases your chances off getting pregnant because it dries up mucous and it will dry you up down there a little bit and it would be easier for sperm to swim through. I didn't believe it at first but when I concieved I was sick with a horrible cold and had been taking robbitussin benadryl etc for a week. Hope this helps


pillow - July 15



D, - July 15

Actually, Robitussin (the plain one, not the ones with any initials after the name) will thin CM. The active ingredient is guaifennisen (sp?). It won't dry you up. It's an expectorant. But it also won't INCREASE your CM. It will just thin it out, making the CM more sperm friendly and allowing them to swim through easier. Does that make any sense? If your CM tends to be too thick, you should start taking 1 teaspoon three times a day starting around CD5 until O. Once you O, you don't need to take it anymore. I don't like the liquid so instead I take Mucinex. It's a larger dose, and in pill form. I only need to take it once a day. If you want to increase CM, you need to take EPO (but not once you O!), drink lots of water, or eat about 10 baby carrots a day. Some swear by grapefruit juice but the jury is still out on that one. HTH!



waterlily - July 19

I took mucinex starting on day 5 before ovulation. It worked. I got pregnant. I wish I tried it sooner. I used mucinex as well as BBT and the fertility monitor and got pregnant.


to blah - July 19

Taking robitussin or musinex will help make a sperm friendly enviornment. However you should take it starting at least 3 days before you cycle is to start. Drink extra fluids. It will not make you pg if your problems are from not ovulating only if your cm is sticky and dry.


amy - October 27

is it safe to conceive when the husband has fever ?


Rachel - October 27

I wish I had read this before I bought the Robitussin, although I have never heard of Mucinex (wonder if it is available in Canada). I hate cough syrup so taking 2 tsp 3 times a day will be hell. Yuck!


Anyone? - October 28

I've been ttc for over 2 yrs now. My prob is that I don't ovulate on my own. I'm currently on Clomid 100mg and so far no luck. Do you think I should try Robitussin this month? I have been ovulating on Clomid but can't explain why I'm not preggo yet. I was thinking of trying this to thin out my cm b/c I don't know what else to do. What do you guys think?


Rachel - October 28

I've never been on meds so have no personal experience with it but I have heard and read on here that Clomid can dry up your c/m and that doctors are supposed to give you something to counteract that.



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