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Sarah - August 14

I was wondering if anyone has used Robitussin (guaifenesin) before to thin out their cervical mucus? I heard it helps the sperm to swim up easier... Does anyone recommend it?


D. - August 14

A study was conducted on this. Here are the results----http://sharedjou
I've done it but my issues are age related rather than mucus related but as you can see, it's obviously done something for many.


Sarah - August 14

Hi D, thanks for your advice. I don't think I have a prob with my cervical mucus but I've tried everything with no luck. I just heard success stories with it and thought maybe this is something I could try...


TC - August 14

Do you know that you have cm issues? I've read that it will help those that don't have the stretchy egg white type of cm.


Sara - August 15

Hi TC, if you have a lot of CM does Robitussin help thin it out or does it help produce it?



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