risks of multiples on clomid
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alexis - October 28

my doctor prescribed clomid 150mg for my first cycle. what are my risks of conceiving multiples. i thought about asking if i can take 100 mg to start. has anyone taken 150 mg of clomid on days 2-7.......did you get twins or a singleton.


kc - October 28

I have not been on clomid but have considered it and did some reading. The chance of twins while on clomid is 1 in 10, trips 1 in 200 and quads 1 in 1000. The dosage doesn't matter. I do think 150 mg is a high dosage. There must be a reason your doc is starting you off so high. Usually 50 or 100 mg is what most start off with. I hope this helps. Lots of luck and baby dust.


jen - October 28

what are the common side effects of clomid-and why is colmid actually prescribed for ? (just for ovulation) ?



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