rise or fall of body temp?
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val - June 10

I'm really confused. I was under the impression that after you ovulate, you go into your 3rd phase and your temp rises even higher than when O. I've been reading some of these responses and some woman said that when they noticed they were pg, their temps didn't drop like they normally would after O. Can someone clear this up. I'm really confused about all of this charting.


MelissaS - June 10

Hi Val. Before you o you are in your first phase and your temps are low. When you o your temp normally drops a little, but then the next day it starts to rise. Once you o'ed you are in the second phase. If you conceive you then enter the third phase and your temps will rise again from the second phase. However, not all pregnancies show a third phase. A lot do, but not all. Hope that helps.


Ashley - June 10

Val- The way I understand it is the day after you ovulate your temperature rises .4 or more and then it continues to stay high if you are pregnant. Some women have a second phase of even higher temperatures approximately 7 days after ovulation. However, not all women have this second phase of high temperatures. My temperature usuallys starts to drop a couple of days before I start my period. Hope this helps!


val - June 10

Thank you both for your responses. My temp has risen after O and has pretty much stayed that way so far. My period is due next week and it's still in the 98 degree range. Before O it was down into the 97 degree range. Maybe, but I won't get my hopes up, this could be a sign. Thanks again, I'd appreciate any other insite!


stacey - June 10

Not all people that get pregnant have that 3rd temp spike..As a matter of fact, some people get it even when not pregnant- I have a couple of times- and when I was pregnant, I didn't get it, I flatlined at 98.2...


TS - June 13

I just read in the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" that 18 days of high temps., meaning your ovulation temp or higher, almost always means a pregnancy, so good luck, I hope your temp. stays high for 18 days!!!!!



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