rise of body temp
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marie - June 14

hello i was wondering if anyone could help me out.i took my 2nd round of clomid and was due on my period the 26 may and nothing has come i have had no period pains.my nipples are sore but my bbt chart show that i have stayed high for 32 days since overlation in may.


k - June 14

When your temp remains high and you are late, it usually means you are pregnant! My advice, take a pregnancy test! Good Luck!


~kat~ - June 14

i totally agree with what k says...good luck marie!


Ashley - June 14

Have you taken a pregnancy test? If it is negative you might want to call your doctor. I believe you can have a cyst and that can cause your temperature to stay high. Best wishes to you!


Jay - June 14

Girlfriend you are pregnant:)


MelissaS - June 15

Did you take a test? They say if your temps stay high for 18 days that is a pg sign.


marie - June 15

thank you very much for your coments i hope that i am preg just dont want to get my hopes up


marie - June 15

yeah i did a preg test 10 days ago and it sed neg so i have left it to see if i get my period and to see if my temp has stayed high and it has so i might have done the test to early.


MARIA - June 15

I have the same question,I ovulated on 6/6 and my temp went down afterwards for 2 days then back up and has stayed at 98.6.Is this a good sign? I hope it is I've been trying for 7 yrs.This is my first round on 50g of clomid and I did feel I ovulated.


K - June 17

Marie, Don't keep us waiting. Having you tested? I bet you are pregnant!


marie - June 17

i tested and it sed neg i went to the doctors and showed her my bbt chart and she sed there is nothing to worry about, it does not matter if ur temp stays up.she never done a preg test or blood test she just told me to wait for my period.


Gina - June 18

Hey Marie... if you still haven't gotten your period, I would ask the doctor to do a blood test. My mom's hormones didn't rise enough (with all 3 kids) and home pregnancy tests and the doctor's urine tests always came back negative. They had to do a blood test each time before they confirmed that she was pregnant. Worth a try. Good luck, I hope you get a BFP!



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