right before ovulation on clomid???
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miranda - September 15

Did anybody on clomid get presure in thier lower abdomen right before ovulation? this is my 1st month on clomid 50 mg days 3-7....


miranda - September 15



Lena - September 15

All 5 cycles. Its from all of those follicles!


Cendy - September 15

Miranda, yes I got pressure and pains so bad, I did not want to BD at all.


miranda - September 16

so you prodused more than 1 follicle?? were they mature and you o'd?yeah it was painful last night to bd and today i had a bad cramp like feeling shoot through me about where my right ovary is...wonder if that was ovulation....? when did you ovulate on clomid? im on day 13 today...


miranda - September 16

sorry typing to fast for myself lol *produced


BUMP - September 20



Cendy - September 20

Miranda I Oed on days 17 and 18. I have no idea on the folicle totals because my doctor only does a 21 day progesterone test to see if I have Oed.


miranda - September 20

i think i may have o'd yesterday but i cant really tell because i started progesterone gel last night which also causes a rise in temps...but yesterday i had a pos opk and ferning on the ov. scope....i made a dr appt for tommorw because im so confused



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