Rh Neg
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Erin - February 26

1st Question: My mom is RH Neg (dad RH pos) and my older sibling is RH pos. My mom had an extremely hard labor with my brother. Later it took more than 5 years of trying to have their second child (me) who is RH neg. Is it possible that my mom built antibodies to RH pos blood during delivery and might that have been why she had such a hard time getting pregnant again?

2nd Question: (I am RH neg) Two years ago I ended up hospitalized for a day and sick for a month with PID, the doctors were never able connect this with anything infection wise, is it possible that I miscarried?


Beth - March 1

I am also Rh negative and I am wondering if that has anything to do with why I am having a hard time getting preg. again (ttc 9 months so far and it only took 1 month with my daughter). Sorry I can't help you Erin.


cheryl - March 31

my mother was rh negative and had 3 kids (we are all rh pos) and then when she was 46 she got pregnant again when she wasnt even trying



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