rh factor?
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cathy - October 7

anyone have different blood then your dh? i was told if i get pregnant i need a shot called rogham(not sure how spelled) and wondering if anyone has been through that?


Michelle - October 7

I am Rh- and my dh is Rh+. I had the rhogam shot with each miscarriage, about half way through each pregnancy and after all but one baby was born (they type the baby's blood and if it's also negative, there's no need for the shot). It's no big deal at all, just another needle stick. Don't let it worry you. Good luck!


M'Rita - October 7

Hi Cathy,
I've just found out that I am 5 weeks PG. My DH is 'O' Rh Positive and I am 'O' Rh Negative. I spoke to my RE and he said that I would need 2 injections of Anti-D on week 28 & week 34 of pregnancy and if when the baby is born and his/hers blood croup is positive, then I would need another one 72 hours after birth, if it's Negative like mine, then I don't need the 3rd injection. The problem is that if a rh negative mother has a rh positive baby, If babies blood gets into my system, then my blood will fight it and develop anti bodies which will destroy the babies red blood cells. If left untreated the baby will have a severe anemia or it will die.
But I think once u know and have your injections everybody will be fine.
If u wanna chat e-mail me on - [email protected]
Love xxx Rita


miranda - October 7

i have b- (rh neg) and had to get 2 rhogam shots during my pregnancy...my son was born o- so i didnt need another after birth...it has no side effects and is just a quick shot...good luck!


neha - October 8

I am RH- & my husband too. i had a rhogam shot after my miscarriage. u'll have the rhogam shot while pregnant if u r RH- for ur safety disregarding ur husbands blood group. i hope this helps.


cathy - October 8

thanks so much for all the advice, appreciate it! i worry alot about side affects. but you all helped me alot.



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