Retroverted Uterus, Can't get Pregnant....
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Jen - January 31

Hi everyone, I was told early last year that I had a retroverted uterus. I have been trying to get pregnant for years and nothing. My son is now 11 years old and I can't give him a brother or sister. I'm so sad. My Dr. says just do it from the back, and I always do and nothing. I don't know what to do. I even went through tests to see if there was anything else wrong, but nothing. My Dr. says I'm totally fertil, but what is it then. I'm so frustrated. Anybody has any advise for me?


Merita - January 31

Dear Jen. Nothing to worry about. Have you heard about Abdominal Massage. Please type in the search box Abdominal Massage and you will find all the necessary answwers that can help. This problem of yours is not something that doctors should take care. I don't know whether you believe in these things but I do because I have done abdominal massage and now I feel much better (my uterus was totally in the left side, i had pain during intercourse and now I feel great. I was recently just to check because I have some pregnancy symptoms and she told me that I might be pregnant. I don't dare to do any test because it is now 4 years trying to conceive). Please consider this and after you do a abdominal massage you have to be very careful not to try and carry heavy things or similar.


Jen - February 1

Thanks Merita! I emailed her yesterday. Hopefully she can help me. God Bless



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