retroverted uterus
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m - June 23

i've been ttc for 2 1/2 yrs. i have retroverted uterus and PCOS. what is the best sex position to conceive? thanks


shen - June 23

hi, i have retroverted uterus and pcos too...i heard that the doggy style is good for the retroverted, are you on any fertility meds for the pcos? i was on clomid but it didn't work for me...i'm now on injectables and will be doing my first iui next week...


kisses - June 23

I have a retroverted uterus too....i'm ttc for a year now with no success, they say that the rear entry position is the best position for retroverted uterus.


m - June 24

im also on clomid and metformin for my pcos. this is my third cycle so hopefully i got preggo. so doggy style is good for retroverted uterus, thanks. i'll try



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