Retrograde Ejaculation - Will we have a baby?
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Ell - January 14


My husband has retrograde ejaculation from a medical condition from his younger years. I just want to know if anyone out there has actually conceived naturally or through IVF with a person that has retrograde? I'd love to hear your story and advice as we will have to do a version of IVF to conceive. Thank you!


Angie - January 14

Hello, Ell. My husband also has a retrograde ejaculation because of the surgery he had when he was an infant. Although we have not conceived yet ( I am going to have a laparoscopy for endometriosis this month), actually my husband could have provided some sperm that we can use for IUI. Although my husband usually ejaculates very little sperm, he could have done it. What he was told to do was take pseudoephedrine, which relax the muscle of his penis, and drink a lot of fluid to fill up his bladder before the ejaculation. Therefore, the sperm cannot enter his bladder. My dr fronze it for our IUI procedure. There are many other ways to collect sperm in addition to this, but they could be more painful. The good news is that my dr even told us we have a chance to get pregnant naturally by using this method. Ell, you guys might not need IVF to get conceived. So why don't you try this method at home, and see what is going to happen. By the way, putting some icepack on his testicles one hour prior to the ejaculation seems to increase the volume. Good luck, Ell


Ell - January 14

Thank you so much for replying. It's always so encouraging to hear other couples in the same situation! Thanks again, I'll try those tips!


Ell - January 16

Anyone else out there have any knowledge or personal stories on retrograde?


spring - January 16

Ell , hi , my husband does have same problem , we are trying for 9 months and so far nothing , so he is going to see specialist on friday ! if you dont have anyproblem you wont need IVF i guess you can fix it with iui ! im praying that dr can fix everything without doing iui ! i would love to make my baby when im making love you know is diffrent but even if he say iui , is ok all i want now is my baby! did you do iui ? what is your story you wrote so short about yourself !


Ell - January 17

Thanks Spring! Well, I'm a newlywed and my husband has retrograde from lower abdominal surgery from his teenage years. Very little sperm comes out and therefore it's going to be very difficult for us to conceive naturally. I've been reading the posts on this site and it sounds like IUI is the way to go as the doctors assured me they can retrieve his sperm from his urine or directly from his testicles. This is encouraging but I just hoped, like you, we could just get pregs naturally!!! I've heard things like filling his bladder to it's fullest and then climaxing but it doesnt seem to work with us! Anyway, fingers crossed...we will try naturally a little longer and see what happens. Thanks again!


Angie - January 17

Hello, Ell. both my husband's urologist and our RE did not want to collect sperm from his urine. Although there is a lot of sperm in his urine collected after the ejaculation, both told us that urine damages his sperm before it is collected. I have read this method somewhere on the internet, but we did not do this one. By the way, Ell, my husband ejaculates very very little sperm usually. sometimes none. When he provided his sample with the method I have already told you at RE, it was still very little, according to what my husband says. But it was enough for us to go on IUI. Anyway, if your husband has not been to an urologist, or RE, then he should go to one. The only way RE can confirm that he has a retrograde ejaculation is a lot of sperm in his urine after the ejaculation. Good luck and don't give up.


Ell - January 17

Hi Angie, yes he went to a urologist about 1 year ago and they confirmed he definitely had retro ejac. They said when he planned to have children he should be fine.They also said, it "could" possibly happen naturally, but I can't see that happening as like your husband, sometimes nothing comes out. fingers crossed!!! Could I ask how they actually collected the sample from your husband? It's just so unpredictable, sometimes a drop comes out and other times, nothing... thanks again for sharing your experiences. Please let me know if your successful with IUI! All the best to you


Angie - January 20

Hello, Ell. I am sorry that it took a long time for me to respond. I had a laparoscopy on Tuesday, and still sore... By the way, my husband could provide his sample with the use of pseudoephedorine. Ell, trust me, if my husband can do this, your husband can do it too. Also I recommend you guys to go to a fertility specialist instead of an urologist. My husband did go to an urologist, too, but what they do is to try to treat him. They cannot really help us get pregnant. If you guys want to get pregnant, go to a fertility specialist. They know what they have to do. They can collect sperm as long as it is there. We are going to have a follow-up next Tuesday, and we are going to talk about our treatment from next cycle. I will let you know. By the way, my husband took 240mg of pseudophedrine.


Ell - January 20

Angie, thank you, thank you. Your words are so encouraging. So he took pseudoephedrine and he actually ejaculated? That's fantastic. I will definitely visit a fertility specialist and if they don't mention this option, I will. I hope your ok and on the mend? Goodluck and let me know how you guys go.


- - January 29



Shelly Holtzman - October 25

My husband has the same problem. Your words are encouraging. The only thing is he was taking so much pseudo ephedrine he couldn't sleep. How did the husbands deal with this ?


tigerbutterfly - June 23

my husband has the same problem. i did a research because i want to conceive naturally. i checked on the anatomical position of the male reproductive system... yes, doing these researches is a desperate move for me... why the semen flows to the urinary bladder than go out to the urethra by way of the penis. i thought of gravity... sex positions... but in my experience,my husband tends to come naturally when he is lying on his side, in a position that he is behind me... scoop is what they call it. and i tend to notice that the semen tends to flow through in that position. then you may have to let your husband rest for 2 to three days to let new sperms to be produced. then try again. hope this helps... check also on chinese natural medicines for your husbands...ginseng


natasha cole - January 24

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