Repronex injection and lightheaded?
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Stephanie - September 15

I feel sort of a headrush or light headed for a few minutes after I inject with 2 amps or repronex. I am not afraid of the needle and it doesn't really hurt- the meds just burn.

I am wondering if anyone has this or has heard about it?


Tonya - September 17

I'm doing Repronex right now, too. I'm doing 3 amps/day. I also get light headed for a few minutes. I didn't see it listed on the side effects.


Stephanie - September 18

Have you gone in for your E2 levels and ultrasound yet? How did they go?

I didn't see it listed on the side effects, either. And, I have been looking and looking for at least someone who felt the same way.

I am glad that I am not alone. Are you doing the injections subq or IM?


Tonya - September 19

I had my E2 level done yesterday. It was 189. My ultrasound is Tuesday. IM. Is this your 1st IUI? It is mine. Also, my 1st time to do injections. I was on Clomid last month...other than that, no fertility meds. They found that I have a folate issue, where my body has trouble absorbing folic acid. Also, low progesterone. Hopefully this will work. What about you, Stephanie?


Stephanie - September 19

This isn't my first IUI- it is my third, actually. But, the first 3 were just clomid/HCG/IUI cycles.

This is my first cycle of injectibles. I have PCOS and two previous ectopics (the last of which was a result of my first clomid IUI- but, treatment and a tubal pregnancy were unrelated).

So, I only have my left tube. My right was removed about 4 months ago.

I went for my second u/s today and I have two follicle on my left ovary that are ready to go, so, I got my trigger shot right after the u/s. IUI is 8:45 tomorrow morning!

I hope your u/s goes as well! Are you nervous about the IUI? Are there any questions I can answer for you?


Tonya - September 19

I will let you know what happens with the US. Good luck with your IUI tomorrow. I think mine will be on Wed. or Thurs. We'll have to keep each other posted. What was the size of the follicles on your left side?


Tonya - September 20

Hi Stephanie. How did your IUI go this morning? Mine will be tomorrow. I'm disappointed that I only had one follicle (23 mm) I had 3 others less than 10. I thought Repronex would be like Miracle Grow, I guess. Maybe next month, if this one doesn't work. Let me know about you.


AC - September 20

I am also on Repronex injections right now, because I am not getting a period (and not ovulating). I haven't had a period since going of b/c last December. I haven't had the light headed sensation from the Repronex, but I do get the burning/irritation (I do subq injections). This is my first cycle of injections. I went in for an ultrasound yesterday and I have two follicles that are getting close to maturity. I have another ultrasound tomorrow and hoping that my dr. gives me the go ahead for the trigger shot. We are trying to conceive naturally this month vs. IUI. It is comforting to see that others are going through similar experiences. Good luck to all of you! I am hoping and praying this works.


Lynn - September 20

Does anyone know the difference between repronex and follistim? Jst wondering if one is better than the other.


Tonya - September 21

AC, maybe it's because mine are IM injections. Lynn, I don't know the difference between the two (Rep. or Follistm.) I know that I was disappointed with the Repronex this month. I thought for sure that I would have multiple follicles. No such luck...But one good follicle could = one sweet, precious baby. We'll see.......Good luck to ya'll!!



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